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Lube Up: WRC 5 Is Coming This October

Zoom zoom

O the even hum of the speedy cars as they glide through the wilderness, through rain and shine. Rumbling, rumbling, so goes the announcement trailer for World Rally Championship 5 [official site]. And if you listen closely enough you may even hear them say: Carrrrrrrrr porrrrnnnnnn.

"Do you," publishers Bigben ask, "Do you have what it takes to master the art of driving?"

Yes, I still remember the death-grip lock of terror around the wheel when I finally pass my Driving Test. The trick, as it turns out, is to imagine every possible doomsday scenario that could possibly happen while driving in a car and act them all out simultaneously. Because, as my instructor rightly pointed out, anything travelling at a regulated 50km/hour has the impact of a dangerous bullet, and as a bullet it's my civic duty to ignore the natural speed of traffic and instead move at the speed of a doddering baby attached to the belly of a glacier. But I guess that's probably not what developers Kylotonn Games are going for.

WRC 5 is coming to PC this October, as well as consoles for our PlayStation and Xbox brethren.

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