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World War Z won't skimp on the zombies in its PvP modes

The deadliest game mode

No, I refuse to do it. I will not use the term 'PvPvZ' to describe World War Z's competitive modes. If we're going to give it a silly name, let's just call this bundle of four-on-four variants 'Team Undeathmatch' instead. Still, nice to see that Saber Interactive's upcoming co-op zombiefest is doing something beyond of its Left 4 Dead-ish inspirations. There's five modes in total covering all the team shooter standards, including king of the hill and team deatchmatch. Take a peek at how the zombies will probably mess up all best laid plans in the trailer below.

World War Z is already a squad and class-based shooter, so adding a second team only makes sense. In all of the multiplayer modes, the zombies will get involved at some point, forcing squads to split their attention between not being eaten and not being shot - two very different tactical problems. The five multiplayer modes will be King Of The Hill, with both teams fighting over a (likely overrun) control point. Swarm Domination sounds similar, but with multiple control points to fight over. Swarm deathmatch just a plain old slugfest with extra zombies.

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Probably the two most interesting modes (in my opinion, at least) are Vaccine Hunt and Scavenge Raid. The former has both teams fighting over a single carried item. Whichever team holds it racks up points, making that single player the biggest target on the map. The latter sounds the most true to zombie tropes, though, with players racing to collect resources scattered around the map that may or may not be buried under a thousand shambling corpses. As an aside, can we just call World War Z's sprinting corpses 'zoombies' instead? Or maybe 'rundead'? Much better.

There's no release date on World War Z yet, but we know it will be exclusive to the Epic Store on PC here and launching this year. You can see some more screenshots and videos on its official page here. Focus Home Interactive are publishing this one.

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