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Worms Armageddon gets a modernising update

Never too late for an update

If you're not so sure about the recently-announced, Worms Rumble battle royale game, you may be more excited to hear about today's glow up for classic Worms Armageddon. Released today, version 3.8 adds all sorts of modern features to the old turn-based battlefield including more custom match options, windowed mode, and a few other neat new tricks.

As just one big part of the update, advanced players who have completed the single player mode will now have you'll now have 70 new scheme options to select. "Manipulate physics, fire more than one weapon in a turn, have worms bounce around the landscape, or choose from a huge array of other tweaks in order to perfect your scheme," say Team17.

To add a bit of modern convenience, you can play Armageddon in windowed mode. For more match options, Armageddon 3.8 lets you play online with friends against a team of AI worms. Or, interestingly, you can just queue up match between AI teams and watch them battle one another. You can also save map states for later use in case you've blown a game to smithereens in such an enticing way that you'd like to start a fresh battle there.

Dave has fond memories of classic Armageddon. "I still remember one match," he says of his competitive clan days. "I was the last worm standing and was facing off against four opponents. My team encouraged me as I swung across the map to a lone crate. The crate contained a banana bomb. If I fired this correctly it would kill at least two of the enemy worms. I aimed and fired. I didn’t expect the cluster of explosive bananas to fly in such a way that it knocked all four of my opponents into the drink. I was a hero that day." With the modern touches, there may yet be some more unforgettable worms memories to make.

You can read the rest of the details about 3.8 in Team17's news post.

Team17 also showed off a bit of Worms Rumble gameplay over on Twitch earlier today if you're keen to check out the future of holy hand grenades.

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