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Wreak cute chaos in It's Paper Guy!

Snip snip snip

Here is something delightfully cheerful for your weekend: It’s Paper Guy! is a game about cutting through any and all obstacles in your way, regardless of the consequences, and it's adorable. It was created for a student project in three months, with the developers intending to produce “a feel-good game connecting and providing fun to both kids and the ones who remained a child at heart." As one of the latter, I can say that they succeeded.

This game is a real joy just to explore thanks to the way it borrows from the style of children's drawings, as though you’ve hopped right into the sketch that some proud parents have pinned to the fridge. Every so often you’ll run into a little puzzle, which is invariably solved by snipping away at one of the many papery constructions. Sometimes this leaves chaos in your wake, like destroying a windmill as its owner sleeps peacefully, but don’t even worry about it. Later on, there are optional quests to use your powers for good, so it probably balances out, morally speaking. Just look at the grin on your protagonist’s face and the way they skip, they couldn't possibly do anything wrong:

This ability to manipulate the world goes beyond just moving things out of your way, too. If a sign says that a dog is unfriendly, just go ahead and cut it down, and that dog will become your erstwhile companion for the rest of the game. Now that’s my kind of power fantasy.

You can download It's Paper Guy! from now. It's pay-what-you-want, with no minimum price.

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