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Eugen's WW2 RTS Steel Division begins an offensive on the sequel front

We hope Eugen aren't Russian this out

Eugen Systems are ready to resume their European offensive. Steel Division: Normandy 44 was occasionally a bit dry thanks to its multiplayer/skirmish focus, but still one of the most exciting historical real-time strategy games released in years. Today, they announced a sequel - Steel Division 2 - set against the backdrop of Operation Bagration, another 1944 conflict, this one pitting Nazi Germany up against the Soviet Union and Poland. Below, a short but dramatic teaser trailer.

Steel Division 2 seems to be expanding the scale of its conflicts. Fitting, considering the massive scope of Operation Bagration. In the new Strategic Dynamic Campaign mode, you'll be leading a full army across a 150 x 100 kilometre map in turn-based format, while combat encounters switch to real-time. Eugen's thing has always been large-scale conflict, starting with RUSE, but this seems to be more in the style of the Wargame series's dynamic campaign structure, which should hopefully improve single-player replay value.

Cover image for YouTube video

Credit to PC Gamer's YouTube channel for the trailer.

Eugen even promise that they're not fudging the scale - everything from tanks to infantry will be authentic 1:1 modelling, so if all goes to plan, you'll be able to zoom all the way down from low orbit to watch an expendable grunt catch a bullet for you. It speaks well of Eugen's confidence, considering the resurgence we're seeing of more twitchy RTS games focused on smaller battles and more limited numbers of units. Interestingly, Eugen will also be self-publishing on this one, splitting from their previous partnership with Paradox.

This announcement follows three months after the announcement that Eugen's striking workforce had returned to the company. We've heard nothing more on that front since, but the studio do seem to be functional again, at the very least.

Right now there's little info on Steel Division 2 beyond the trailer and its official site, but I'd not be surprised if resident historical war-brain Tim Stone hasn't already sent out some reconnaissance squads.

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