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Hey, you got your shmup in my tower defense! X-Morph: Defense announced

Shoot those robots!

Twin-stick shooter and tower defense will smoosh together in X-Morph: Defense [official site], the next game from Zombie Driver developers Exor Studios. We'll come to Earth as invaders terraforming the planet for robotkind, dealing with the local 'humons' and their pesky armies by building gun towers and zipping around in our own little gunship. I burned out on tower defense after playing loads during the noughties TD craze but now, heck yeah this looks a load of fun. See for yourself in the announcement trailer:

It's a tower defense! Humon forces will come in waves to attack the harvesters you have sucking on the planet. It has a dash of mazing, letting players build walls to direct and funnel the humons. Obviously you have a load of different towers with different attacks.

It's a twin-stick shooter! The eponymous X-morph is a transforming aircraft, with different modes specialising in attacking different types of units. Oh, and its bomber mode specialises in bombing to destroy buildings, bridges, and other environmental things that can smash enemies and shape the map. Nice.

That combo sounds pretty fun but I also dig the Hollywood scale of it all. Buildings collapse, waves of tanks are destroyed like toy cars, and the humons fight back with mega-units like skyscraper-sized mecha. Nice! That's the best way to fight alien invasion. Oh, and I dig the sound of co-op too.

I think the trailer is meant to draw on Michael Bay's Transformers movies but, to be honest, I've only ever seen The Asylum's dire knock-off Transmorphers: Fall of Man so what do I know?

X-Morph: Defense is coming "soon" to Steam. Exor announced it in February but hey, I'm telling you now. I quite liked their Zombie Driver, enjoying an afternoon of arcade vroomzapping, and you might also remember Exor for Half-Life 2 car combat mod D.I.P.R.I.P.

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X-Morph: Defense

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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