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Making The Misfits: XCOM 2's Character Customisation

We made a hockey-masked, blood-spattered operative

It's the RPS Horacetide lunch and beverage session today, which is why the entire site smells like eggnog and reheated turkey twizzlers. Here's an early pressie in the form of a video showing the XCOM 2 [official site] character customisation suite in action. This is taken from my recent hands-on session - I'd made the rather fabulous lady above and she'd survived one outing. I decided to give her a new gun, and ended up giving her a new face and outfit as well.

Cover image for YouTube video

At the beginning of the video you can see the folks lining up to join XCOM. I love that some of them are a little long in the tooth and that they have randomly allocated backstories.

When I zoom in on Laurie, you can see her Gremlin drone hovering over her shoulder. She's a Specialist class operative and that drone is her main advantage in battle. In the next mission we undertook, she used the drone to hack two turrets, which we turned against two enemy squads, destroying both.

The terrain and buildings react to damage far more this time round and I actually managed to destroy a third turret that was firing down on my squad from a rooftop by blowing the roof out from beneath it. The device fell right through and shattered into pieces on the floor.

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