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XCOM 2 is now on iOS too

Take the fight to the can

Commander, it's once again time to save the Earth - but this time you can do it from the comfort of your toilet seat. XCOM 2 today launched on iPhones, iPads, I don't know anymore. The iOS release comes with all the DLC too, enough game to occupy your attention for potentially thousands of bowel movements. And I think technically you're allowed to play phone games in other places too?

XCOM 2 was a good'un in the first place, then its War Of The Chosen expansion really blew it up into a giant weird game of superpowers and villains making WWE promos. It is: very good. The XCOM 2 Collection for pocket telephones comes with those as well as the lesser DLCs: Alien Hunters, Shen's Last Gift, Anarchy's Children, and Resistance Warrior Pack.

It's XCOM, on iThings, yeah? The port is by Feral Interactive. Yup, new wee touchscreens mean new menus and that.

A screenshot of the XCOM 2 Collection on iPhone, showing its new UI.
Here's the new UI on iPhone.

XCOM 2 Collection is available now from the App Store for £24/€28/$25.

For years, Alec (RPS in peace) chaining abilities and bonuses into one single 13-minute turn in War Of The Chosen was the most popular vid on our YouTube channel, and with good reason:

Correction: This post original said Feral did the iOS port of XCOM: Enemy Within. Nope!

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