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XCOM 2's Tactical Legacy DLC brings new modes, and is free for now

Oh no. Not the fish. Not the chryssalids. Not again...

More XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen is such an exciting prospect to some that our Alec, despite being away on months-long sabbatical, appeared wanting to write about the new DLC released today (Brendan shooed him away with a broom). Tactical Legacy Pack is its name, and adding loads of new missions and maps and items and modes is its game. It's free for keepsies right now too (though it does require the WOTC expansion), then in December Sally-come-latelys will start needing to pay a couple quid for it. Eat it, Meer. Enjoy not doing work ha ha, sucker.

One of the Tactical Legacy's new modes, Central's Archives, runs players through four handcrafted missions revisiting key events between XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. We'll get to play with armour and weapons from EU, updated and scratched up a little, and completing the missions will unlock those in the main War Of The Chosen campaign too.

The other main mode, Resistance Archives, pits us against a roguelikelike-ish gauntlet of procedurally-generated missions. We'll get choices to upgrade up our dudes between missions, but otherwise they're in it for the long haul.

Here, this new video goes over those modes:

Cover image for YouTube video

Also in the Pack: new maps (including some places and scenery familiar from Enemy Unknown); new photobooth bits; the option to use Enemy Unknown's soundtrack; and the option for a fancy new retro synth soundtrack inspired by ye olde X-COM.

The Tactical Legacy Pack is out on Steam (it should automagically appear in your Steam Library if you own War Of The Chosen anyway). It's free right now, and will be given free to folks who own WOTC by 12:59pm ET on December 3rd. After that, people coming fresh to War Of The Chosen will need to pay $8 for Tactical Legacy.

If you're one of those people without XCOM 2 or WOTC who want in, hey, they're cheap on sale on Steam right now too. The base game is down to £11.54 thanks to a 67% discount, WOTC goes down to £21 with 40% off, then all but one of the other individual DLC packs are half-price, and the whole dang XCOM 2 Collection is £35.60.

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