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XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen is free to play this weekend on Steam

And cheap to keep, like '£6 for everything XCOM 2' cheap

Fancy a spot of turn-based tactical violence this weekend? Hie thee to Steam to try a free full-game trial of XCOM 2 complete with its excellent expansion, War Of The Chosen. While the free trial only runs for a few days, if you want to keep playing, the game has some daft discounts right now—like '£6 for XCOM 2 and all the DLC and everything' daft. Ridiculous bargain.

XCOM 2 was good in the first place, then the expansion blew it up into a giant superhero story with allies and villains and some ridiculous abilities. Here's Alec Meer (RPS in peace) demonstrating how all that let him commit an absurd amount of murder in one 13-minute turn:

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It really is a huge game-changing expansion. Meero said in our written XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen review that the term 'DLC' "desperately undersells War Of The Chosen, this fat and bursting sausage of turn-based splendour. I think I might have found 'XCOM 3' a mite more appropriate."

Hit Steam to download and start playing. Steam's free trial weekends usually end on Sunday, but Firaxis say this runs until Monday.

Also on right now are daft discounts. The base edition of XCOM 2 is £2, or you can get that plus the DLC packs plus the expansion in a bundle for £5.59/€6.90/$6.99. In the usual Steam bundle way, that gets cheaper if you already own parts of it, so even for folks who own some that'll be the one to go for.

The first game and the recent breach 'n' clear spin-off Chimera Squad are also discounted, and all thrown into a bigger bundle.

XCOM devs Firaxis are currently working on Marvel's Midnight Suns, a turn-based tactical game set in the bam-bif-pow world of DC Comics. Also, a handful of ex-XCOM developers recently opened Bit Reactor, a new studio dedicated to turn-based tactics games.

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