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XCOM's Free This Weekend, Or £3/$7 To Own Forever

Also some silly-lookin' XCOM 2 preorder DLC

Is it you? No? What about you? Or you over there, with the... oh God, what is that on your face? Oh, sorry, you've just been at the cronuts again, haven't you? Well, I know it's one of you. One of you hasn't played XCOM: Enemy Unknown [official site] yet. Just the one, though. This means that this post will surely be our lowest-trafficking of all time, but I shall write it anyway as a public service. XCOM's free on Steam this weekend.

It's actually been free since last night, because 'weekend' is just an entirely nebulous marketing term now, but the important thing is you can sink as much time into it as you want until the end of Sunday. That might be enough time to complete it if you don't sleep or eat, though this isn't really a game you complete and then never return to.

If you, that single reader I am doing a solid for, like what you try, then XCOM is also discounted by 75% until that time. Which is, er, £3.74, or $7.50. Less than a pint (in my part of the world) for one of the best games of the last few years. Single reader, you can't argue with that.

Meanwhile, in XCOM 2 land, pre-ordering the now delayed-til-February sequel gets you the 'Resistance Warrior Pack', which adds various costume, hair and hat options that make your squad look like plonkers from a 90s action movie.

It also has something involving a "survivor of the old war" who will join your squad "instantly." Hopefully this stuff will be available as post-release DLC, because pre-ordering is EXTREMELY RECKLESS, even when it comes to XCOM.

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