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XCOM: Long War creators delay their own alien invasion strategy game

Check out spaceship battles in the new trailer

The team behind much-beloved XCOM mod Long War today announced they've delayed the launch of their own alien invasion strategy game, Terra Invicta. It's now due in spring 2022. Pavonis Interactive state the usual reason: they want more time to make it good. Please do! After Long War, I certainly want to see them smash it with an ambitious game spanning the entire solar system. For now, a new trailer shows some of their recent work, including 3D space fleet battles and giant alien beasties destroying cities.

Terra Invicta is a grand strategy game about seven human factions jostling for power as aliens enter our Solar system. Each have their own agendas, including wishing to join the aliens, or to worship them, or fight them, or profit from them, or just build a giant spaceship and straight flee the Solar system. It's grand in scale too, spanning our whole system, complete with fleets of spaceships engaging in 3D battles. It sounds extremely cool.

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Today's announcement says the delay from late 2021 is "to ensure full time for late-game balancing and AI enhancement." No worries. Important things, those.

"Developing Terra Invicta over the past 4 years has been an amazing journey," creative director John Lumpkin said. "All main features are in place and the game is being polished ahead of launch, but we decided a delay was important to ensure the release fully lives up to player expectations."

Pavonis started Terra Invicta after Long War, though along the way they made official XCOM 2 mods at the behest of Firaxis, including The Long War 2. Last year they turned to Kickstarter to help fund Terra Invicta, and hit their goal in six hours.

Terra Invicta is due to launch on Steam and GOG in spring 2022. It's published by Hooded Horse.

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