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Yakuza 6 is out now, and that's rad

Wrapping up the main Yakuza game package

With the release of Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life today, the entirety of Kazuma Kiryu's thug-bashing, bike-hurling story is now on PC. It's out on the Microsoft Store and Game Pass right now, with the Steam release following in a few hours. The Dragon of Dojima has dad duties to attend to in this one, so presumably his day's been interrupted by putting the kid to bed and putting more suits in the hospital.

Yakuza 6 is Kiryu's final chapter, an emotional send-off for arguably the best boy in video games. But this isn't all about him. There's another boy, a baby boy, you'll need to soothe through various minigames. In-between your serious dad commitments, there are of course cats to rescue, giant squid to punch, and the peaceful shores of Onomichi to explore.

I've actually got a Yakuza 6 review in the works, and as you can probably tell, I think it's a very good time. And with all the main Yakuza games out on PC, you can make that "very good time" last for hundreds of hours.

Yakuza 6 is available now for £15/$20/€17 on the Microsoft Store or comes included with Xbox Game Pass For PC. The Steam page isn't live yet, but I'd imagine it'll be priced similarly there when it arrives at 4pm GMT.

There are some noticeable Yakuza absences on PC, though. Ishin, a spin-off set in the mid-nineteenth century, and Dead Souls, another spin-off set during a zombie apocalypse. I don't care much for the latter, but I hope that one day Ishin reaches Western shores. I long for Yakuza: Samurai Edition.

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