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Yooka-Laylee Gets a New Action-Packed Trailer

Transform into a snowplow

Playtonic Games released a new trailer for their upcoming platformer Yooka-Laylee [official site] at this year's Gamescom, granting us another look at the game's quirky and colorful gameplay. The charming, cartoon-y platformer stars a chameleon named Yooka, and his bat friend Laylee. Judging by the trailer, they'll be taking players on an epic journey of mischief and clever jumpy and swimmy action.

The trailer gives us a good preview of how the game plays. Yooka uses his sticky chameleon tongue to jump up onto platforms, and Laylee uses her webby bat wings to help Yooka spin through levels in a speedy tuck-roll. At one point the two somehow mush together to become a snowplow to bulldoze through giant snowballs, which is quite fun. The world is gorgeous, too, with dramatic glowing purple and pink sunsets, towering castles, verdant jungles, and icy wastes.

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The creation of Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie developers, Yooka-Laylee is a throwback to the beloved mascot platformers of yore (well, the '90s). The game took to Kickstarter back in 2015 with a goal of £175,000. Fans itching for some Banjo-Kazooie inspired goodness ensured that Playtonic met that goal and then some, raising a total of £2,090,104.

Yooka-Laylee was recently delayed until early 2017. It's due to launch on both Steam and GOG.

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