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You can join the free stress test for creature catching MMO Temtem

Tempted by the Temtem

If Temtem looks like a Pokemon game to you, that's because it absolutely is a lot like Pokemon. The Applin doesn't fall far from the Sudowoodo—yes, it's a Pokemon joke on a PC website. If you weren't familiar with the brightly colored creature catching MMO before, now is a decent time to change that. The game comes out on January 21st, but you can sign up to join the public stress test before release for free.

Like Pokemon, Temtem will have you catch and tame companion creatures on your adventure around the Airborne Archipelago. You'll choose from three starter Temtem. You'll battle other Temtem trainers and Dojo leaders on your quest to become the best Temtem trainer of all. There's an antagonist faction of characters called Clan Belsoto that has an evil "conspiracy against Temtem and humans alike." Stop me when you think you've got the gist of it.

Temtem was originally crowdfunded over on Kickstarter back in 2018. It has been in alpha development up until now and will be entering Steam Early Access at the end of this month. You can get earlier than early access if you sign up to help stress test the MMO's servers prior to the Steam launch. The developers at Crema say in a blog post today that the stress tests will be split up into three separate days and times.

The stress tests for Temtem will run on January 11th, 17th, and 19th for a couple of hours each. You can sign up for the test on Temtem's website after which Crema say they will email testers between January 9th and 10th with Steam keys for the public event. Check out the Steam blog post for all the extra details about when and how the tests will go down.

You can find and wishlist Temtem on Steam and Humble prior to its Early Access launch on January 21st.

Disclosure: I am acquainted with a writer collaborating on Temtem so I already happen to think it's pretty rad.

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