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You can play a new demo of the System Shock remake right now

Gearing up for its summer release

A screenshot of the System Shock remake, showing a metal corridor bathed in red light and in the foreground two zombie-like enemies rushing toward the player.
Image credit: Nightdive Studios

There's a new and final demo available now for System Shock, Nightdive's remake of the immersive sim classic. There's also a new trailer, as the game gears up for a planned release this summer.

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A Kickstarter update lays out some of the new content in the demo versus the one released in May last year. They're substantial, including a cyberspace level, the ability to save, adjustable difficulty, and voice acting for SHODAN, the game's beloved villainous AI you can hear in the trailer above.

The demo is available from Steam, GOG and Epic.

Nightdive have had a bumpy time in developing the System Shock remake, as the project initially grew in ambition and ended up being rebooted. In some ways though, 2021 feels like a good year for it to come out. No, not because we can all relate to being trapped in a small space while a virus runs rampant, but because there's seemingly little else happening with the immersive sim genre at the moment. Dishonored, Deus Ex, Thief and Prey all lie fallow, and Deathloop - Arkane's announced in-development game - looks like a different sort of thing.

System Shock was kickstarted back during what felt like a resurgence of the genre, and now it's being released when the genre is again resting. I hope it's good.

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