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You can play Deep Rock Galactic with Ghost Ship Games and the RPS community this month

Come play along

If you're one of those people who enjoys playing games with other people well, I've got some news for you about people you can play games with. Community members over on the RPS Discord server pick a game each month to play together. They've chosen co-op dwarf FPS Deep Rock Galactic this month and have managed to rope in a member of Ghost Ship Games to play along too. You can check in on the server this month to join them for cooperative shooty mining combat.

Over in the "game-of-the-month" Discord channel, folks encourage one another to play the chosen game throughout the month but specifically meet up on Monday nights at 7pm GMT to play together. This month, they'll also be joined each Monday by Ghost Ship Games social media manager Jacob Herold who will be answering community questions. The organisers will be hosting groups playing together through both Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

I admit I've still not taken the time to try out Deep Rock Galactic but I sure do keep hearing nice things about it. Our Deep Rock Galactic review calls it"Sixteen tons of detail, sixteen tons of character, sixteen tons of riotous bug blasting, spelunking co-operative goodness." More specifically, it's a co-op FPS where you play as a dwarf blasting through procedurally-generated mines and trying not to get killed by aliens.

If you're keen to join in, you can find Deep Rock Galactic on Steam where it's currently 30% off or on the Xbox Game Pass for PC and you can join the RPS Discord server to play along.

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