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You can play John Wick Hex in October, and here’s a trailer to prove it

Could be a hit, man

If after the E3 reveal of John Wick Hex you were updating your gaming calendar and were angered at the lack of a release date, I have calming news for you. The turn-based prequel to Keanu's trilogy of violence will be out on October 8th, which I now realise is disturbingly close. You might say it's only about two wicks away. Anyway, here's Lovejoy and Lance Demon to tell you all about it.

Watch on YouTube

Aren't trailers funny? This is a turn-based shooter, but to watch that you wouldn't know it. The trailer is all real-time because no-one has the patience to watch turn-based strategic pencil murders and UI prodding, and also because you'll be able to watch your run-throughs (or "gun-throughs", ahahaha) at normal speed at the end of a level. At least it has Ian McShane and Troy Baker to set the scene.

If you want to see the real deal, we took a look at it in August: we quite enjoyed it and appreciated the fact that they'd parsed angry man Wick's speedy murdering skills for the common person. I actually expected something along the lines of Splinter Cell Conviction/Blacklist's movement and shooting, but this makes just as much sense. This is set in the pre-puppy murder days, so the righteous fury of Wicks's wanton wiolence is tempered. Perhaps a sequel to the prequel could have snappier gun funs?

Watch on YouTube

It wouldn't be a game release without having to mention where you can exclusively get it. In this case, Wick will be unleashed on the Epic Games Store. If you must comment on this, please do so only using the letters S A G H and J, and you're limited to one exclamation mark.

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