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You can start rounding up alien criminals in Destiny 2: Forsaken today

Oh Caydey boy

Neither of Destiny 2's previous expansions have set the world aflame, but a wild-west style bounty hunt might just do the trick. Destiny 2: Forsaken is out later today, with a campaign that has you hunting down assorted barons who've been told to go and cause a ruckus by a baddie who's busy fiddling about with the Light. Naughty, that.

There's a launch trailer, but this older one with dev commentary gives a much better idea about what you'll actually get up to.

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My favourite part is where they turn their goofy enthusiasm towards the new abilities. With the new Titan Super, "you cast that thing and - 'PWWWWWFFGH' - you've got a huge hammer now, and you slam that thing down and it sends out this fire in front of you that then creates a fire tornado. We've got to take it to the next level, you know?" That next level also includes a bow, a new weapon for every class which looks pretty snazzy.

The expansion's other main attraction is Gambit. It's a 4v4 PvP/PvE hybrid mode where each team races to kill enough AI grunts to open a portal into the other team's world, which sounds pleasingly inventive.

IGN have played through the first 15 minutes of the campaign, where you quell a prison riot on The Reef. It looks mundane by Destiny standards, but it's nice to see Cayde sticks around for at least the first mission.

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That footage did remind me how colourful Destiny is, just as I'm about to boot up the Battlefield V beta. I'm looking forward to rolling about in World War 2's muck, but I think my heart belongs to games where you can somersault around wielding electrifying staves.

Destiny 2: Forsaken comes out at 6pm BST/ 10am PST, when it will be available through for £35/$40 if you just want the expansion, or £60/$70 if you’re also after the Annual Pass. You’ll need to buy the base game if you haven't already.

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