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Zenless Zone Zero's new trailer is an anime as heck smackdown

Twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom

Genshin Impact developer MiHoYo brought some more fighty footage of their sci-fi online third-person action RPG Zenless Zone Zero to today’s Summer Game Fest presentation. It’s as snazzy as you’d expect from the Shanghai-based studio. Avoid multiple fancy blows while perusing the trailer below.

Catch some Zzzs with Zenless Zone Zero. Night!

MiHoYo say the world of Zenless Zone Zero is like ours but if it was blown up by something supernatural called ‘the Hollows’. Getting into some Kojima territory there, lads. Apparently, the only reason anyone survived was because handy macguffins to exploit the disaster were invented. You’ll become a ‘Proxy’ and team up with other explorers to investigate what happened for mutual gain and profit. I still don’t know any of the characters’ names yet but they sure do spin fast. One might be called Soldier 11?

Zenless Zone Zero was announced a month ago and it's in closed beta right now. It shifts the action from Genshin Impact’s fantasy infused world to a more science-fiction flavoured ARPG setting, in the fantastical urban environment of New Eridu. As I mentioned when I reported on ZZZ back in May, there’s some heavy Persona influence evident from what’s been shown so far. I’m also starting to find the little rabbit mascot person mildly endearing.

Rebecca’s done a guide on how to sign up for the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta, if you’re interested. No word yet when ZZZ launches out of beta but we’ll let you know when it does. Promise we won’t spin around and hit you with a giant hammer to get your attention. Much.

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