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Action-RrgurgrrrPG: Soldak Release Zombasite

Zombies but not a zombie game

Teeny tiny studio Soldak make games with big dreams, action-RPGs like Din's Curse and Depths of Peril with dynamic worlds full of living parts reacting to each other. Their latest is Zombasite [official site] and yeah, there are zombies but this isn't another zombie game - it's another Soldak game, with zombies. After ten months in early access, Zombasite properly launched last night. It has a demo and all.

Zombasite is an action-RPG set in a fantasy world with a necromancer problem. So sure, there are zombies to fight, but there are also factions and clans - including your own - trying to get by as the world falls apart. This being a Soldak game, the zombie threat adds another complicating factor to the dynamic quests.

Alec had a crack in July - his first Soldak game - and liked some, but not all, of what he found.

"Zombasite is tough and unforgiving, not at all afraid to deposit all kinds of hell right at your door, and without doubt this is the main draw. As opposed to the somewhat mindless wave of mutilation that characterises a Diablo or Torchlight, this is much more about picking battles, deciding when to withdraw or even when to call in help. Couple this with the fact that even quests are randomly-generated – albeit within familiar structures of 'rescue this person', 'defeat this boss' and 'kill x beasties' – and can be failed permanently or even swiped by rival factions, and you’ve got something which is the appealing polar opposite of trad. ARPG's fixed runs."

What's it like now? Dunno! If you fancy a go, you can download a nearly-launch-version demo from Soldak or through Steam. It doesn't have a time limit but is only the low-level experience.

Zombasite is out on Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam and direct from Soldak for £10.99/14,99€/$14.99, which includes a 25% launch discount.

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