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See U Soon: Ubi's Survival Horror FPS Zombi Comes To PC

Panic on the streets of London

One novel exclusive from Ubisoft for the Wii U launch in 2012 was ZombiU, a survival horror FPS set in a zombie-infested London. It was designed a fair bit around the the WiiU tablet controller doodad, but it seemed like this wouldn't be enough to keep it off other platforms. For a long time, it was. But, late enough that I'm actually surprised by news I had once anticipated, Ubisoft have now announced that ZombiU is coming to Windows. Or Zombi [official site], as it's now known. Soon, too: August 18th.

With London going to heck, you're trying to find your way out while the zombies are trying to eat you. It has a mild form of permadeath too. If they get you, you're a gonner, and you will wake up as a new survivor able to reclaim your items if you can find your now-shambling corpse and put it down. Supplies are limited and health is low, see.

The Windows version has a wider (and slightly adjustable) field of view, adds melee weapons beyond the trusty cricket bat, and makes the flashlight more powerful but more likely to draw zombies. It's a bit of balance tweaking, really.

To up the spooks, the Wii U required folks to peer down at the tablet to play in their limited inventory, showing the main character rummaging in real-time on the main screen, and this version tries to replicate that a little by still having the game running while the inventory takes up most the screen. The tablet was used the tablet to scan environments too. Sadly, Zombi is losing the multiplayer mode which let a second player place zombies around the level.

Ubi's blog post has more details on changes, if you're curious.

Ubisoft Montpellier's game is being ported over by Straight Right, an Australian porting house who handled the Wii U versions of Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex: HR. Looks like this is their first time going in the opposite direction.

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You know, Ubi, the name Zombi is already taken by a band.

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