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Frogzapoppin': Zuma's Revenge Free On Origin

Blast those balls

Zuma's Revenge [official site] may be a lesser sequel to PopCap's fine ball-blasting action-puzzler Zuma (it's essentially a colourful Resident Evil 4 without player movement, yeah?), but it's still some pretty fun froggy action. If you have an Origin account (and probably if you don't too), it's perhaps worth downloading for free as the latest freebie in the scheme EA chose not to call "Ahhh g'wan, install Origin, it's really nice, honest."

If you're boycotting EA or Origin and want to rant and rave about that towards me, please imagine doing that to my face in a pub and the look I'd have as I poured your own pint over your head.

If you don't know Zuma, here's how it goes: a steady stream of coloured balls are running down winding grooves towards a goal you must stop them from reaching. Your frog god... thing sits in the centre of the board, spitting out balls trying to hit same-coloured spheres and make them vanish. It's simple at first, but soon you're needing to set up combos so as you detonate one set of colours, the vacuum they leave causes another set of balls to collide and also detonate, and so on. Powerups let you fling balls in fancier ways too.

It's simple but fun, a bit like leading your shots with a sniper rifle, only with more frogs and colours. The game usually costs £4.25 and, for free, it's certainly worth a poke.

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