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12 People Haven't Backed Project Eternity Yet

Apparently approaching $2.5 million in pledges, from almost 54,000 backers, isn't enough for Obsidian's Project Eternity. They absolutely will not stop, ever, until you have pledged. With rumours circulating that 12 members of the human race are yet to back this olden-values RPG, Obsidian have dispatched expert assassins known as the Ladies of Pain to every city around the globe in an attempt to locate the members of this resistance then, after long and excruciating torture, convince them to stump up $20 for an isometric roleplaying game. I haven't backed it myself, so... wait, who's that at my door?

While I hide underneath the table, I'll mention that they've also released a bunch of new stretch goals, rewards for well-monied backers and detailed some major features such as combat, mods and classes.

Here's Obsidian's Tim Cain (and Fallout's primary creator, of course) talking predominantly about combat as part of a Reddit q&a.

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In a lengthy project update, Obsidian also confirm that PE will indeed support mods, which will be hosted by the Nexus network most famous for its Skyrim and Fallout 3/NV files. They also say that "Our plan is to release our file-format information and expose as much of the data in the game as possible for you to extend and edit." I'm going to make myself a player character with fifty billion hit points, is that OK?

On top of that, they've added an extra layer to their 'mega-dungeon' as a result of reaching 52,000 backers, with another one promised should they reach 55,000.

Which leads us back to stretch goals. In an earlier update, they promised the addition of the Barbarian and Cipher classes should they hit the magic $2.5 million (though want $2.6 million for both. So does that mean a playable class costs exactly $100,000 to create? I DON'T THINK SO.) You can find more information about those here, and here's a video about it too.

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The latest round of backer tiers involves upgrading the art book to hardback for people who have $250 to spare, and memorial stones with names/messages of their choice for the $500 nutters. Given there are now 230 of those folk, this might look a little weird in-game. Thought apparently you need a special in-game decoder ring to read them anyway. Righto then.

With eight days to go, presumably we haven't heard the last of Obsidian's nefarious plans to no longer get dicked over by publishers.

PE sounds ace, and I'm glad for Obisidan. But I kind of wish we could just get earnest, simple promises to make Kickstarter games better, longer or hire more staff as the money rolls in rather than this stretch goals and partitioning of features culture. There's something unnatural about it, maybe even a bit cynical, though I do appreciate the need for self-promotion when ostensibly going it alone.

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