Cheer Up! Here’s A Dead Island Trailer

Hooray! Just when things seemed really gloomy, here’s comes a zombie apocalypse scenario to put things into perspective. Even if your capital city is on fire and your heroic leaders are unable to do anything but share holiday snaps, it’s worth remembering that you aren’t going to be eaten alive by the shambling undead. Ah, that’s a nice feeling.

See: the four-player co-oping in Dead Island that we’ve already seen a bit of already. Consider: that it’s actually not all that like Left 4 Dead. Suppose: that it might actually be fairly entertaining. Wonder: when the zombie games will end.


  1. Anjiro says:

    I’m not too sure about this game, I have high hopes for it, but I have a feeling it will suck.

    The trailer doesn’t look half bad though.

    • meatshit says:

      Considering it’s the same studio that made Call of Juarez: The Cartel, I’m apt to agree.

    • El_MUERkO says:

      one aspect that concerns me is the characters clothing

      in the immediate aftermath of the outbreak people may not have time to change there clothes but if the lady in high heals and suspenders is still running around in those clothes after any length of time it’s just going to look silly

      if you have time to build an electrified zombie killing device you have time to loot some more practical attire

    • Ephaelon says:

      On the other hand, they made the other two Calls of Juarez, actually set in western times, which I really liked(Bound in Blood, especially). I’m hoping the Cartel was a bastard child they needed to squeeze out to please the urban-city-shooter people.

    • DuckSauce says:

      Same, if there’s no demo I doubt I’ll buy it, if there’s no decent singleplayer option, I won’t buy it, I still remember Left4Dead, having tons of fun with friends, then I payed full price and ended up playing mostly with people I didn’t know, it was not fun, then Left4Dead 2 came and I gave up entirely on co-op zombie games.

      Until this, looks a bit like Far Cry 2 mixed with Left4Dead, if it includes some proper singleplayer action(read: no crappy NPC’s replacing the player of online MP players) and a demo to help me decide, it probably is a buy for me, assuming they don’t mess it up.

    • max pain says:

      How did they manage to hang a guy on a palm leaf anyway?

  2. Rinox says:

    At least the undead don’t nick your TV.

  3. Xocrates says:

    If this is “not all that like Left 4 Dead” then they certainly aren’t trying too hard to show the differences.

    • woodsey says:

      Perhaps they’re actually expecting people to read the information released on the game. Shocking, really.

    • Xocrates says:

      Actually, that IS shocking.

      EDIT: And having actually read their website, I maintain my previous point.

    • Jesse L says:

      Mission-based. Semi-open. Emphasis on melee weapons rather than guns. Tougher individual zombies. Leveling up. Scoring based on creative kills. Inventory and some crafting.

    • Xocrates says:

      Which most of the marketing material, at best, glances over.

      I’m not saying it’s like L4D. I’m saying they do a terrible job at showing the differences since up until Jesse’s post I did not know most of those were in the game even AFTER consulting the official website AND watching the trailers.

    • Juan Carlo says:

      I for one would love a L4D clone and I suspect lots of other people would too.

      So maybe they are deliberately playing up the similarities.

    • Text_Fish says:

      Maybe they should just make a mod for L4D2.

    • Ucodia says:

      Actually it looks like a perfect mix of all the good features you can find in L4D and in Dead Rising. I think grabbing the best ideas here and here will make it a better game. The L4D2 we never had?

  4. felisc says:

    I have a hard time grasping the tone of this game… is it super serious ? cheesy ? gory fun ?
    each trailer seems to point out a different mood.

    • Jimbot says:

      You can always treat it like those B-quality zombie movies. It treats itself seriously but comes off as goofy, yet enjoyable, shlock.

      I just hope the team behind Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood was behind this game and not the Cartel team. Its been in development for a while, so hopefully it’ll be good. Nothing about the game looks offensive and the combat looks pretty fun. Throw in some skill trees for character building and a few friends for coop and I can see it being a good time.

    • Ultra-Humanite says:

      The Cartel game just came out for console and isn’t even out on PC yet. It’s rather implausible that anyone on that team would be working on this game with the possible exception of polishing in the late stages.

    • Mr E Meats says:

      I admit I’m excited for this because I loved the L4D games, but I’m quite taken aback by all the comments on Bound in Blood being good. I bought it in a Steam sale a while back and I just couldn’t get over an hour into it. Was it really that good? Am I missing something? Because in my mind if it plays anything like Bound in Blood I have a feeling I won’t enjoy it much at all.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I managed to finish Bound in Blood, and I enjoyed it about half the time. The other half was a tough slog to get to the next enjoyable bit. I loved the setting, and the shooting and cover mechanics were pretty good. They tried to cram in every Western cliche’ in the book, but that was okay. We don’t get enough Western-theme games.

      The worst part, for me, was that aside from one brief semi-open section in the middle, it was pure plot-on-rails. The brother was yelling at me all the time to “Go here, do that, keep up, what are you standing around waiting for?” Dammit, I’m trying to enjoy looking at the scenery for JUST A MINUTE, OKAY?? Basically, a Call of Duty type scripted game, but it felt even more narrowly restricted than usual, for this type of thing.

      That, together with some tough-yet-stupid segments like trying to shoot from inside a stagecoach, and a very silly setting for the ending, made it a game I could only play through once. I’m not in any big rush to pick up another game by that same developer. I’m mildly interested in the setting for this zombie thing, but I’ll want to hear how much the game drags you by the nose through scripted scenarios, before getting it.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      I have a hard time grasping the tone of this game… is it super serious ? cheesy ? gory fun ?
      each trailer seems to point out a different mood.

      Presumably all three, like the best zombie flicks.

    • Mr E Meats says:

      @ Zenicetus

      Exactly what I thought, I started playing and the first thing that popped into my head was “If only I bought this when it was released”. It felt way to scripted, but I agree I thought the cover system worked for an FPS, one of the few that did in my opinion. I just find it hard to pick up an old(er) game that I’ve never played and not get hung up on poor graphics, poor voice acting, and strange AI behavior.

      Even stranger I never criticize older games that I have played for the same issues.

  5. LarsBR says:

    I had higher hopes about this game till it became clear how terrible call of whatever turned out to be. Can Techland deliver?

    • Askeladd says:

      Dunno, but whoever made that first epic trailer should keep doing ’em.

    • Navagon says:

      Given that this game has been in the works for several years now, I think it’s pretty clear that the last Juárez game was by a different team. At least I’m hoping that’s the case.

  6. stahlwerk says:

    Much like Zombies themselves, the Zombie genre can only be killed by removing the head, or destroying the brain.

    • Askeladd says:

      That will be really hard because a genre is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

  7. passingstranger says:

    But… all I wanted was a depressing game. Like STALKER, but an even greater feeling of unease and constant danger.

    I want the soul-crushing reality of a zombie apocalypse, dammit!

    • Askeladd says:

      Yes I know what you mean, you dont want a game, you want an experience.

      A game you start and know:

      All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

    • Jesse L says:

      Project Zomboid?

    • Askeladd says:

      They did say that at the start of the game?

      I was more like Divine Comedy.

      Almost forgot about that game, whats it doing right now?

    • povu says:

      Dead State!

    • Defiant Badger says:

      Well if you want depressing and zombies then I’d say Project Zomboid is probably what you want, Dead state too but that seems very far off.

      Although, as I found, staring morosely out of the window of your ‘fortress’ at the zombies as they start to stumble onto your front lawn with increasing frequency isn’t a whole lot of fun and actually depressed me enormously for the rest of the day. But then I’m always affected by stuff like that.

    • Zenicetus says:

      A STALKER type zombie game might be depressing, but maybe also fun (in a depressing way) when you use tactics to survive for another day.

      Maybe there’s a technical limitation in doing a really good, classic zombie game with hundreds of the undead shown onscreen at once? Even with current fast CPUs and video cards, PC games seem to have trouble showing large crowd scenes. Assassin’s Creed is the only game I’ve played recently with even a hint of what a real city crowd looks like, and you’d need more for a true Zombie Apocalypse game.

      Instead, what we get are these little scenarios like today’s trailer, where you’re attacked by a handful of fast-mover zombies, instead of a truly frightening crowd that has to be outmaneuvered and out-witted, because you just can’t kill ’em all.

    • Askeladd says:

      How about a mix between a shooter and a grand strategy game?
      Something like a big city where you need to do things to survive, zombies doing zombie stuff.
      A game where you cant choose your playmode, if you lose you’ll have to flee and eventually die when you cant get what you ought to get.

      There was this browser game that did something like that, just make it an mmofps.
      16 players per mission, like a hundred in a town, massive siege mode. etc.

      Would probably be to hardcore.

    • GenBanks says:

      A game based on The Road! Now there’s soul crushing hopelessness

    • Synesthesia says:

      yes, YES, please. STALKER with zombies, true ballistics, real hard headshots, food needs, sleep needs, maybe some pseudo-emmission thingie, someone make this mod now please!

  8. paco says:

    I’m wary about the title as well, but I have hopes that, thanks to multiplayer and the open world setting plus zombies, that will help wash over the rough bits. I mean as long as we have, as mentioned, some talent trees, diverse weapons selection (looks like we have that) and the shooting/attacking mechanics aren’t totally crap and the multiplayer is stable and easy to drop in and out of ala borderlands, then the game shouldn’t be completely crap, right?


    Maybe I’m just too hopeful.

  9. RiptoR says:

    This might have been mentioned before, but isn’t the man hanging from the palmtree in the logo physically impossible? Those palm leaves surely can’t bear the full weight of a grown man hanging from the middle of them…

    Or my knowledge of the anatomy of a palm tree is way off…

  10. Tyshalle says:

    Not to be my usual cynical self, but the gameplay in this trailer looks exactly like Left 4 Dead, except with shittier graphics and much shittier animations. Which is a shame, because up until I saw this trailer I was thinking I’d probably order it soon after it came out. Now unless it gets glowing recommendations I’ll probably be waiting for it to hit the bargain bucket.

    • metalangel says:

      In my (very unpopular, hey ho) opinion, Left4Dead always looked and played like a really shitty HL2 mod.

    • Jimmeh says:

      The graphics, and more importantly the damageable regions on the zombies, both look vastly superior compared to L4D2 to my eyes.

  11. chabuhi says:

    I’m not undone by the sight of blood, and I certainly have no problem with the display of it in games, but the buckets of blood flying after every strike in this game just look silly. It’s like how you would have drawn someone bleeding when you were in grade school – they always had 50 pints of blood somehow, and it all came flying out at once no matter how small the wound.

  12. Bursar says:

    Jim’s going to feel really silly if the dead DO rise now…

  13. Theon says:

    This is the most L4D-looking trailer so far. And what happened with the “almost no guns in the game”-thingy??

  14. celozzip says:

    still looking for THE zombie game… project zomboid mentioned above is really good but still waiting for the new patch, hope they dont pull a notch on us!

    i was so looking forward to playing dead rising 2 since the first wasnt available on pc and then i got it and i was so dissapointed. the zombies are pretty good, they move slow and there didnt seem to be any ‘special zombies’ which i hate in these kinds of game. the ‘characters’ if i can use that word just spoke in lame text dialogues and the ‘gameplay’ was just a load of cartoony weapons and boring locations.

    i dont get the appeal of l4d either – its just a load of fast moving objects flying at the screen. it’s like a super fast game of whack-a-mole except you’re clicking on lots of ‘zombies’ popping up all over your screen all the time. boring as fuck.

    this looks okay but the more i see the more i worry, looks like it has a story with voiced characters which is good but there are some ‘special’ zombies too which is bad. as long as its moddable it might be worth a look.

  15. telpscorei says:

    I really wish they’d stop using that music at the end of their trailers. It’s straight out of the “arty” trailer and it depresses the crap right out of me. Every time I hear it I see that poor dead little girl’s eyes staring back at me…

  16. Paravel says:

    Oh God, please let me choose different characters than any of those shown in this preview.

  17. studenteternal says:

    That trailer was… not good, maybe was just me but something seemed seriously off about the animation there.

  18. Symitri says:

    I watched a video a while back for this game and the only thing that really irritated me were the voices of the characters you play. But even that would be bearable if they didn’t open their mouths during gameplay with the same repeated lines, as Just Cause 2 also had terrible voice acting but at least it never pushed itself on you while you played.

    The trailer above didn’t show that so either they learned to clip it out of their trailers or they took it out of the game, I’m hoping the latter.

  19. edit says:

    Open world is definitely where the zombie game needs to go.. It was all I could think about while playing the Left4Deads… but I think it’s too late for me. I’m completely over hacking humanoids to pieces and ingraining violent acts and images into my neural pathways. Out of the infinite spectrum of possible things I could spend my time doing, it seems like a bad choice. Unless there’s an amazing plot in there or some major gameplay innovations…

  20. mihor_fego says:

    Is there a decent single player somewhere in there? That’s the only thing that I care about. Not with AI assistance, but SOLO. If not, even the time to watch the trailers is wasted. The dread of the zombie apocalypse is you being the last person left alive, not having an ex soldier with a minigun to assist you. I would accept the inclusion of AI partners if for a very limited time and, as in good zombie movies, they were turned to zombies when most inappropriate.

    For example, finding a kid as a survivor and having to send it through a vent you can’t fit in, to perform x part of a puzzle, only to find out it turned into a zombie as a result of your directions. That would convey the feelings of the first trailer, really.

    • edit says:

      I tend to agree.. I think AI controlled NPCs with their own agendas and activity in the world (including pairing up if you reach such an agreement with them, and including becoming infected if they get into too sticky a situation) would be much more interesting than AI companions who only follow you around and fight with you… but that just made me think how interesting it would be if a game simulated the zombie apocalypse from the point of view of having a finite population within the game world, starting off as NON-zombies, and then having the outbreak spread emergently based on actual activity and contact of the AI characters. Now that’s a Zombie game I’d have a hard time staying away from, though it’s a little out of reach this-gen, perhaps.

    • mihor_fego says:

      What you describe is really too far away from what we can achieve now, at least in such a presentation. This is like Dwarf Fortress zombie apocalypse edition and would probably first appear in a form similar to the zombie survival indies we’re expecting to be released any day now.

      I’d settle for more scripted AI partners with limited roles to add to the emotional weight, but existing in an open game world and not as part of a full “cinematic” game. I don’t have mu hopes up, since everyone is going for multiplayer and co-op nowadays and I’m interested in none of those. This is why I didn’t bother with Left 4 Dead. I wish there was a Half-Life 2 like part of that game, as I trust Valve could pull through what I described.

  21. Chufty says:

    Am I the only one who sees this and thinks, again, why only four??

    It’s just a silly, arbitary limit that is now imposed on every single new co-op game. If I go to a LAN party with 5 mates, we can’t play any of the new co-op games because someone always gets left out.

    Nyargh. Serious Sam 3 better not have that limit.

  22. Thunderkor says:

    Bleepity bleep, so much negativity! I think it looks like a big stupid load of fun.

  23. Dhatz says:

    FINALLY zombie game with cars, this was getting pathetic. FINALLLY!

  24. wodin says:

    Such a great first trailer that promised so much…only for it to be revealed as a run of the mill Zombie FPS..