Conscripted Events: Heroes & Generals

A bridge to war

The dynamic, strategic multiplayer European campaign at the heart of Heroes & Generals ensures that scripted events aren’t necessary, but let’s pretend the headline is at least vaguely appropriate. John provided millions of details on how the first person shooting, cycling and strategising will work together, but if you refuse to believe a word that comes out of his keyboard you could watch the developer diary below instead. Campaign selection, faction choice and spawning are all covered, as are the number of graphics being added as development progresses, and the uses for purchasable credits.

The ability to purchase war bonds in order to fund development is thematically pleasing and given that the option to purchase is contained within the game, presumably the people buying like what they’ve experienced already. Hopefully a strong community will form within and the balance between soldiers and commanders will be suitable.

There was a suggestion of bot support when one faction finds itself outnumbered, the computer helping to make up the odds, and that seems like a splendid idea, possibly a necessity. I don’t mind being driven from the field of combat by a superior force but trying to prevent the fall of London with only three strangers and their lack of coordination to instruct in the art of war would be downright frustrating.

Register your interest now for a chance to become part of the war sooner rather than later.


  1. Keneb says:

    I’ve had the privelege of being really quite drunk in the Reto-Moto offices.

    I vaguelly remember playing an early development build and being quite impressed during this drunkeness.

  2. Apocalypse 31 says:

    This game will destroy World War Two Online.

    • RizziSmoov says:

      Hmmm. World War 2 online has the upper hand of actually being an open world. Heroes and Generals condenses into Red Orchestra-esque battles when you choose where to fight.

  3. Defiant Badger says:

    So apparently the only member of the Allies was the United States and the only member of the Axis was Germany?

  4. Mr. Mister says:

    I’ve been thing thinking… and a Pay2Win model would make more sense for this game. After all, the stronger one side’s economy is, the higher are its chances to win the war right?

  5. Isometric says:

    I’ve been playing it for a while and I think it’s fantastic, especially the tank battles. It’s still a little buggy sometimes but that is to be expected. I’m excited to see what it will become when it’s fully released!

  6. hench says:

    I’ve been in the beta for a couple of months but still haven’t been able to play due to rubberbanding and jazz
    Not a fan of the business model though

  7. Lykurgos says:

    This has my interest. I loved World of Tanks during beta and then had an internet outage for about 2 months after it was released. By the time I could have played it again my desire was hit by the expectation, maybe unfair, that I’d be one of few people driving around in a tin-can whilst behemoth’s roared around. Also I kinda did miss the little infanterie guys.

    So add infanterie, different roles, different Armored Fighting Vehicles, and some element of persistance and golly, I’m well sold.

  8. amisysally says:

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  9. PopeJamal says:

    I thought WW2 shooters were dead, but apparently they’ve just gone MMO?

    Not personally interested in this, but it looks pretty neat.

  10. G-Lord says:

    Riding bicycles? Count me in!