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How Live Action Trailers Should Be: Heroes & Generals

Publishing games is weird right now. Heroes & Generals - the very impressive-looking multi-layered soldier multiplayer from reto-moto - was recently snapped up by Square Enix as something for them to publish. Two months after it successfully made its way through Steam Greenlight. Which is just plain odd. It's like finding out Proctor & Gamble raised some money through a cake sale. Although, in fairness, the chronology was reversed. Either way, it's hopefully good news for developers Reto-Moto, who have just released a new trailer.

The game that combines FPS with strategy does so in a rather elegant fashion. You can play, funnily enough, as a Hero (soldier) or a General (general), the former charging about shooting at each other in skirmish multiplayer battles, while the latter sits in his tent, smoking a pipe, occasionally sending men out to die, come back to life, and die again. It's a large-scale war, fought on the small scale by the majority, orchestrated on the large scale by the few. You can read much more about it in my preview from the Summer. Or perhaps you're already playing in the beta.

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I love that the trailer isn't any less cheesy for having Square behind it. A bloke on the toilet, rather than fifteen scantily-clad nuns sucking on pistols or whatever.

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