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Conscripted Events: Heroes & Generals

The dynamic, strategic multiplayer European campaign at the heart of Heroes & Generals ensures that scripted events aren't necessary, but let's pretend the headline is at least vaguely appropriate. John provided millions of details on how the first person shooting, cycling and strategising will work together, but if you refuse to believe a word that comes out of his keyboard you could watch the developer diary below instead. Campaign selection, faction choice and spawning are all covered, as are the number of graphics being added as development progresses, and the uses for purchasable credits.

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The ability to purchase war bonds in order to fund development is thematically pleasing and given that the option to purchase is contained within the game, presumably the people buying like what they've experienced already. Hopefully a strong community will form within and the balance between soldiers and commanders will be suitable.

There was a suggestion of bot support when one faction finds itself outnumbered, the computer helping to make up the odds, and that seems like a splendid idea, possibly a necessity. I don't mind being driven from the field of combat by a superior force but trying to prevent the fall of London with only three strangers and their lack of coordination to instruct in the art of war would be downright frustrating.

Register your interest now for a chance to become part of the war sooner rather than later.

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