Grapplewatch 2014: Far Cry 4 Gameplay Swings Away

I believe that is a honey badger, yes.

Ubisoft’s big fancy E3 stage show last night introduced the game’s kooky villain (so zany!) but while technically in-game footage, this was only the opening cutscene. “Oh gosh bother and drat,” I imagine someone in Ubi’s marketing department said, “we’ve only gone and forgotten to show the game. Fix this!” So here comes a new trailer with seven minutes of gameplay, showing off enraged elephants smashing cars, eagles snatching goats, micro helicopters, another beautiful break-action grenade launcher, a spot of co-op, and yes yes yes, a grappling hook.

It’s a narrated whistlestop tour of shiny features the sequel adds, really. Kicking! Shooting while driving! Leaping into moving cars to stab the driver! Getting the wingsuit earlier in the game! A rapid-fire crossbow! Sadly the grappling hook is limited to certain pre-defined points but look, conveniently-placed exploding barrels! Features! Death! Excitement! Supposedly we’ll get to ride elephants too, though it’s not shown here.

Co-op is Ubi’s Thing this year, appearing in most of their big games at E3. Which is certainly splendid. In Far Cry 4, players can casually drop into a chum’s game, which will turn off solo missions but otherwise leave you to massacre your way across the Himalayas together.


  1. Walsh says:

    Is that a honey badger giving no fucks about a dude with a machete?

    • Philomelle says:

      Come to think of it, honey badgers are fairly common all over the Indian subcontinent.

      I imagine it’s going to be the hunting mini-game’s super-boss, given that those things are known to shrug off slashing, stabbing, gunfire and explosions.

    • Pop says:

      If someone doesn’t get their canastas clawed off, it’s not a honey badger

  2. CmdrCrunchy says:

    Every single instalment of Far Cry has generated a fair bit of distain with some ever since the original came out, but to me it looks like another round of good honest fun with decent gunplay and a smattering of explosions. That’s all I need in some of my games and for that every game in the Far Cry series has hit the mark for me quite nicely. Its like the Pacific Rim of the gaming world, a good time filled with nonsense, and so I’ll be awaiting this one with glee.

    • Pop says:

      I sat down and completed both FC2 and 3, and enjoyed some of both. FC3 is a great sandbox game, and I enjoyed ‘liberating’ the island by taking out the bases as a game by itself. Even on the highest difficulty setting it was a little too easy though: bigger bases, more challenge, less story and I’m in. I love the idea of a coop experience built around that too.

      Kicking a guy with an armed grenade into 2 guards and a charging bear and taking them all out by surprise is the sort of moment only FC provides. Just wish they’d keep their ideas of ‘craziness’ and ‘insanity’ in the closet and focus on more barrel kicking.

      Question for devs: will we be able to yack bomb?

    • evileeyore says:

      All I want from FarCry 4 is the player character not be a total douchebag.

  3. Freud says:

    Looks like FC3 that’s a bit more annoying to navigate.

  4. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Looks rather fun from this tiny snippet. Didn’t see any MISSION AREA which is good, no need for them.
    Graphically gorgeous … but its not going to look like that, is it? Maybe after the 6 month PS4 exclusive period and they release a PC version with upgrades?

    • Philomelle says:

      Looks about the same as Tomb Raider on maximum settings to me. I imagine most modern rigs aren’t going to have any trouble running it.

  5. battles_atlas says:

    How is it all this money is thrown at E3 trailers, yet they do dumb shit like hardcode the subtitles, or only have the vid in 720p like one of the earlier big reveals today. Youtube isn’t that complicated to use is it? (I mean uploading wise, obviously as a user its fucking terrible).

    Edit: just checked, the vid in 720 was the other Far Cry 4 trailer, so its just Ubisoft that are useless twats.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      The worst thing is, the subs are softcoded as well, so they did take the time to upload them separately it seems.

  6. Razgovory says:

    One the characters looks like Hurk from Far Cry 3. I wonder if you play character you played before.

    • iniudan says:

      It’s Hurk, from the gameplay trailer he is playable, as a co-op character.

      Main character which you can see in the trailers, is new, but unlike previous main character in the series, is actually a native to the region (but emigrated), the antagonist to actually know at least one of his parents.

  7. ResonanceCascade says:

    Much as I’d like to join the rest of the cynical lot, I think the gameplay looks very good.

    I like that they’re putting some very Crysis-like elements into the mix, like strapping C4 to an explosive barrel and kicking it into a group of enemies, then blasting the C4. Far Cry 3 had tons of great emergent water cooler moments, so I’m glad that they’re planning on creating more opportunities for that kind of stuff.

    Also, I loved pitting the local fauna against the local enemy cannon fodder in FC3. Pissed off elephants seem like the logical next step in that equation.

  8. w0bbl3r says:

    Not real gameplay. Way too many perfectly timed scripted events for this to be real, actual gameplay that you could encounter in far cry 3.
    From the eagle grabbing the goat just after he says it and then looks around the corner to see it, then rockslide making him jump and use the wingsuit at just the right spot for the gorge to take him to the next place (which looks like a totally different mission, so it hasn’t taken him there as part of that first mission), then the elephant ramming the car at the perfect moment for him to see it.
    Then, ignoring all those scripted moments, he stands in the open to turn around and watch the co-op partner flying around, while enemy are shooting at them both from all around. Then he stands in the open while the jeep gunner is shooting at him (seemingly taking zero damage) while he watches for the elephant coming to ram it.
    Also, he jumps down after seeing the elephant run wild, knowing it won’t attack him for some reason?
    No. This is all bullshit, sorry to say.
    And as other people have said; the game will look nothing like this in the end, just like pretty much all “next gen” (what a stupid way to name something that is less than 10% more advanced) games from ubisoft.
    I also can’t wait to see how the real AC5 looks compared to the “gameplay” they showed.

  9. dontnormally says:

    It must have cliff climbing or I will hate it. I fucking hate navigating mountains with bunnyhopping.

  10. Gonefornow says:

    Not quite the kind of simulation I’d like to see, but they are slowly getting there with all the overlapping AI systems and object interactions. Yet I do wager they are still going to cram in a linear storyline which you have to play in order to unlock areas and items. Any bigger changes in the state of the world are also going to be linked to it no doubt.

    I do appreciate the co-op though. That’s something I would have really liked to have in FC2.

    • Myrdinn says:

      Every decent game can become a good game if it does co-op well. I seem to bring up Saints Row every post/video that mentions co-op, but I think it’s one of the few games that did it well – playing the entire game, main story, side quests and activitities together with a buddy. It seems that with FC4, Ubisoft will again cut the single player content out of co-op, which is exactly the same thing they do with the new Assassin’s Creed co-op. I probably sound like an entitled asshole, which I don’t mean to be, but I’m hoping Far Cry 5: Irish Isles and Assassin’s Creed: Manchuria to have full fledged co-op.

      • Gonefornow says:

        Good point. The problem is, these games usually have a fixed linear narrative and set-pieces which only work from the perspective of a single player. Thus co-op relies completely on the core gameplay and the fact that friends are fun to play with (in more ways than you might think).

        One possible solution is what I already hinted at: Expanding the core gameplay to include those compelling world and character events. A simulated dynamic world where each player is treated as an equal, e.g. they can take missions from any faction, even opposing ones, and the world changes accordingly with npcs taking sides and such.

        I do hope some of these modern designers have aspirations towards these kinds of things. Using the same old sandbox mold over and over again must get stale at some point.

  11. altum videtur says:

    Your game is titled “Far Cry”. You are now also somehow allowed to get away with just dropping fucking honey badgers in a zone where civilian casualties are a possibility.

    oh wait its ubi damnit

  12. Grey Cap says:

    Far Cry 3 was the best goddamn guilty pleasure in gaming. I’m positive number 4 will be guiltier and more pleasurable!

  13. Comrade Roe says:

    Looks fun, but also looks like it may be railroaded a bit for some reason. Still, the fact you can finally fly is nice. I also like the new MG42, and the kicking. Speaking of kicking, I’m sure FC4 players will find something to beat it out, kind of like how Portal devs expected something else to outdo the Cake is a Lie, and turned out to be wrong.

    Although, is it just me or did the devs in the video sound a bit nervous or awkward?

  14. bonus_85 says:

    Force you to use the grappling hook in new and interesting ways? Now there is a dirty pick up line :p

  15. Shadowcat says:

    If you’re going to provide captions (which are a good thing), then (a) have someone proof-read them before you burn your spelling mistakes into the video stream, and (b) don’t burn them into the video stream, because everything is better if they are provided as a separate caption file. I’ll grade you an ‘A’ for intentions, but ‘D’ for implementation.

    • Shadowcat says:

      I’ve turned on the automated captions instead. We’ve just encountered a yak with a next-gen phone.

  16. KenTWOu says:

    Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team…

    • Tom De Roeck says:




  17. Artist says:

    Was that an eagle flying away with a fucking goat? Really?

  18. PopeRatzo says:

    I’m going to play this game so hard.

  19. Urthman says:

    As Tom Francis pointed out, the introductions at the beginning sure sound like this is the first time the creative director and narrative director have actually met each other, which would explain A LOT about Far Cry 3 and Ubisoft in general.

  20. Urthman says:

    What they say about kicking sounds promising. I’m still waiting for a game to have a boot that is as much fun as the one from Dark Messiah.

  21. Erithtotl says:

    Far Cry 3 was one of the few epic open-worlders I actually bothered to finish. I think Far Cry 4 might join the list. This looks really impressive.

  22. waltC says:

    Great-looking game…!