We Are All The Zombie: Dying Light Pre-Order DLC For All

This guy? Er, how about YOU be the zombie?

Sounded nice, Dying Light‘s ‘Be the Zombie’ mode where you get to invade other players’ co-op games as a super-zombie, didn’t it? Sounded awful, how it’d initially be available as pre-order bonus DLC, didn’t it? In a rare display of stopping-being-silly, that pre-order guff is now off. The mode will be given to everyone for free, developers Techland have announced alongside word of a messy release that’ll see boxed copies delayed by a month in some places.

The download edition of Dying Light is still due on January 27th, but the physical edition is a bit weirder. It’ll arrive in North and South America on the 27th, but won’t arrive in Europe, Australia and the Middle East until February 27th. Something’s gone wrong somewhere there.

All folks, anywhere, who pre-ordered the physical edition will get two extra DLC packs free. Though if you’re in a region facing delays and were keen enough to play Dying Light that you pre-ordered, I don’t know why you wouldn’t cancel that and go digital. Techland are also giving out extra ‘dockets‘ – tokens to trade for in-game weapons to registered pre-orderers of any edition.

We’ll try to tell you Wot We Think of Dying Light as close to launch as possible, but review code isn’t available yet. For now, here, watch some of Techland playing at being the zombie:


  1. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    So is this like free to play if you play as a zombie, or simply “free” DLC if you purchase the game?

  2. karthink says:

    While I have little to no interest in this game, I’m looking forward to someone explaining the story. The writing in this game promises to be deliciously awful. Bear witness to this line:

    “What the Fuck, Crane?! I’m no leader, I’m a goddamn Parkour instructor!

    • sneetch says:

      I hope he’s a single parent parkour instructor. A man who’s just struggling to get by in a world where “big parkour” is trying to force him out of business. And also zombies.

      Edit: actually, after watching that video, I suspect that might actually be the plot.

      • funkstar says:

        To be fair, he’s the guy who teaches you how to parkour at the beginning, I’m pretty sure he teaches everyone because staying off the streets is safer or something, and being fast and off the streets is super important at night.

        Then he becomes the de-facto leader because someone dies. So really, that line isn’t that bad writing, IMO.

        There’s some lets play of the the first hour or so… I think its the same guy. Presumably Crane (your character) goes to him for some serious guidance or something later on and gets that outburst. What’s worse is him constantly calling you noob for the first hour. YOU’RE RUBBISH AT PARKOUR NOOB!

  3. rcguitarist says:

    Be the zombie mode looks like Evolve with a zombie instead of a monster. How original.
    And a zombie that shoots its guts out and uses them as grappling hooks….really???

    I’ll pass.

    • Herbal Space Program says:

      You’d rather slowly walk in the city trying to get to the player before he disconnect? Now that I think of it, 64 player-controlled slow zombies would be kinda terrifying.

      • Premium User Badge

        keithzg says:

        That’d kindof be awesome. Relatedly, imagine an MMO where when you died, you came back as a zombie. The server would reset once all humans (or all the zombies? Although it might be boring if you didn’t respawn, hmmm) were killed.

    • funkstar says:

      doesn’t sound too different to the smoker in left4dead… guts instead of tongue :s

    • JonnyJug says:

      I would disagree.
      I’d say this is much closer to The Hidden with Left 4 Dead elements or vise versa. Not everyone is copying Evolve, just because it’s the flavour of the month.
      Either way, it’s a nice addition to a game, especially if it’s free for everyone and not just the pre-purchasers.

      • sneetch says:

        Yeah, it is more like Dark Souls invasions or L4D than Evolve, really. I’m sure Evolve had no real influence on it.

    • Bassen_Hjertelos says:

      You do realize talking about originality in one game versus another when neither game has yet been released is a bit, uhm, ridiculous?

  4. DanMan says:

    If publishers were clever, they’d do this all the time instead of pre-order bonuses. If you register the game on day one, you get the first DLC for free. With the first DLC being never really meant for anything else (meaning: it’s not that great).

    That would put the whole shtick into a much more favorable light, despite being kind of the same thing.

  5. Jalan says:

    Being a Techland title, it just wouldn’t be so if there weren’t some kind of release “hiccup”. At least this time we won’t be horrified to find that the run animation consistently has an arm raised in the air while the other flaps about wildly.