else Heart.Break() Hacking Into September

else Heart.Break() [official site] reminds me a lot of the PlayStation 2 era, and not just because it, you know, looks like a PS2 game. Combining infiltration and hacking with open-world social RPG stuff is the kind of curious idea I’d associate with those strange and experimental days – or at least my golden memory of The Old Days. These memories probably have little relation to reality, but I remember the PS2 having lots of strange games doing strange things that I wish had come to PC but never did, so I only peered at them from afar and probably got a far rosier picture of them. Anyway!

That won’t be a problem with else Heart.Break(), as it is coming to PC – on September 24th, creator Erik Svedäng has now announced.

As you’ll see in this gameplay trailer, else Heart.Break() is a game about hacking into machines and rewriting their code as you please, whether that’s opening doors, changing what machines make, or simply rewriting the welcome messages on company computers:

It’s also a game where you’re new to a strange city, wandering around, getting to know the city and its people, and hanging out in cafes:

I’m still not entirely sure what it is, but what I’ve seen is fascinating and I am quite keen to start poking at it.

else Heart.Break() will be on Windows, Mac, and Linux, sold through Steam and the Humble Store. Here’s a new ‘release’ trailer:


  1. Weremoo says:

    Oooh yes – I’ve been waiting for this for ages! Looks absolutely charming, and really laid back – although does it actually have a story, or is it just a ‘wander around town hacking all the things’ kind of game?

    • JFS says:

      I hope not!

    • Nasarius says:

      I slightly object to the premise of your question. A properly done open-world game will have dozens of stories, instead of “a story”.

      See for example tabletop RPG supplements that give you a map and characters and adventure hooks, but no grand adventure. Those are the best kind.

    • Dominitus says:

      I hope it has an overarching story and objectives, exploring a world isn’t enough for me. I’m really intrigued by the look and feel of the world, but the trailer hasn’t sold me on it. Might have to wait for the reviews to see whether it’s worth adding to the pile.

      • BiggerJ says:

        From the Steam description: “But can they stop the terrible deeds of the people ruling the city? And who will get their heart broken in the end?” Sounds like a story to me.

  2. CaidKean says:

    Very pleasing news, I had no idea it would be releasing so soon.

    Here’s hoping it’s as charming to play as it looks!

  3. phlebas says:

    Already? I won’t have finished TIS-100 by then! Joyous programming game overload!

  4. Zantium says:

    Looks interesting, that’ll go on my wishlist.

  5. GWOP says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for a while.

    One tiny little gripe: the dialogue font doesn’t really mesh with the overall aesthetics. The font for interaction (opening/ closing doors, etc) blends better, IMHO.

  6. Maegashira says:

    Shouldn’t break() be all lowercase? It’s a method of the Heart object after all.

    Oh, who cares: looking forward to it!

  7. gwathdring says:

    I love the premise but boy does that video make it look tedious. :\