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else Heart.Break() Attack and Vine

Hacking the planet

We've covered else Heart.Break() before, so I feel I need not dwell on what it is. But wait! What if you've somehow missed those previous posts? Hmm.

function Heart.Break() {
if (gameFamiliar == true) {
Recommendation = "Skip the next paragraph";
else {
Recommendation = "Keep reading, intrepid reader!";
// Feel free to critique my code. I am no professional, my friends.

else Heart.Break() is billed as "a game about friendship, love and technology in a place where bits have replaced atoms." It's an RPG with the emphasis on exploration and experimentation, inviting you to tinker with computers and objects throughout the game world and converse with a variety of well-rounded NPCs.

In this latest trailer (okay, it's not a Vine, but I couldn't resist the pun) we see hero Sebastian breaking into and out of a factory. I don't entirely understand everything he's doing for much of the video, but if you read my horrible JavaScript that fact may not surprise you. What is evident from this gameplay video are the game's charming visuals and just how interactive many parts of its world are. It looks like else Heart.Break() is a game that RPG fans could really sink into.

There's a nice moment where Sebastian runs into a locked door, and rather than search around for a keycard or what have you, he hacks a nearby computer and inerts a password into the code. Terribly insecure programming, but hey, it worked out for Sebastian! I also rather like the bit at about the two minute mark where a computer tells him it loves him. But is it true love, or but a simulacrum spat out by a cold, calculating corporate machine? I suspect we'll all have to play the game to find out the truth. Who knows, we might even learn something about code along the way.

An aside: is Sebastian wearing an orange beanie hat or is it some kind of cyber-do? Hack your thoughts into the comment mainframe!

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