Verdun Celebrates Christmas Truce With Snow/Footballs

The extent of the Christmas truces across trenches of the Great War in 1914 is still up for debate, but British and German soldiers kicking footballs all across no man’s land is now as much a part of Christmas Lore as The Happy Fat Chappy and the three gifts of Terry’s All Gold, Frankenstein, and Grrr. Trench warfare FPS Verdun [official site] is celebrating the truce itself again this year, with a special map where chaps from both sides can lark about together, throwing and kicking balls of snow and leather. Observe:

Warms the very cockles of your heart, doesn’t it? The map lets folks play footie, throw snowballs, and generally lark about without all the shootybangs. This year, they’ve also added the option to send (e-mail) postcards from the trenches, which also enters folks into a raffle for extra copies of the game.

Verdun is 40% off in the Steam sale, down to £10.19.

If you’re more an MMOer than a face-shooter, Cobbo has a big ole list of events those sorts are running. I could not tell you how many times he checked it.


  1. int says:

    I love Bottom! Their Christmas special is something I watch every year. Also Vicar of Dibley’s, the one where Gerry is too nice to turn down everyone’s Christmas dinners is hilarious.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      For me the Christmas Dinner Dibley is the canonical Dibley Christmas Special, but I think last year they only put the nativity one on.

  2. Kollega says:

    Around Rememberance Day this year, our very own Tim Stone described nonexistent wargames that made an homage to the fact that it’s Rememberance Day… and now it did actually happen in an actual World War 1 game (a remarkable achievement in itself, given the notion of “there are no WW1 games because WW1 was awful and boring”).

    Conclusion: today really is a great time for indie games filling niche markets.

  3. RegisteredUser says:

    Warning: Meanwhile the game still has the problem of being 5-20 fps even on the lowest possible settings even on decent rigs. Reporting it in the forum gets you flamed on by the fanboys and the devs saying “We’re working on it”. It has been a known issue for over a year and nothing has been fixed.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      I should add “for some”. Which doesn’t help those “some”.

  4. SlimShanks says:

    This is really cool. And it adds atmosphere to the game. Very novel.
    Just have to point out though, the christmas ceasefire is hardly debated, it’s very well recorded, the confusion I think comes from the fact that it didn’t happen everywhere.
    It’s sad to think of how heartbreaking it must have been to go back to shooting the people you were sharing food with the night before…

    • Shigawire says:

      Indeed. The fact that the war occured was a domino of events having to do with alliances, war scenarios, etc.. So it is from a historical perspective understandable why it happened.

      But it is still baffling to me that humans go against their own (and humanity’s) best interest sometimes – when the excuse is “I was only following orders” or “For king and coutnry.” (Insert jingoist gibberish) – Even though I understand very well how the war sprang out dynamically from a very volatile domino-set of conditions, the whole madness of the actual fighting seems utterly and completely pointless.

      This christmas soccer truce just demonstrated how there was still some sanity in everyone’s head. Until xmas passed, and the jingoist subservient madness continued unabated.