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WW1 FPS Verdun Update Adds Co-op Survival, Gore

Not pleasant, this 'war' malarkey

'Horrors of War' isn't the cheeriest name for a chunky free expansion, but Verdun [official site] is a pretty somber take on World War 1 as first-person shooters go. Now its trench warfare includes a co-operative wave survival mode with the challenge of holding trenches for as long as possible against overwhelming odds, and gruesome new dismemberment for that real WW1 'war is hell' feeling.

The update also spreads war to a new battlefield, visiting the trenches and forests of Champagne, boshes in over forty new weapons from the M1918 BAR to the C96 Mauser, and adds new squads including Belgians and Verdun's first US squads. That sounds like an expansion-sized addition to me, but Horrors of War is a free update.

Speaking of horrors, the expansion's new gore system includes bloody dismemberment and unpleasantries like shredded soldiers not instantly dying but sometimes hanging on to flail and holler. Happy days! I do think it's meant to be unpleasant rather than 'cool', mind. A press release says:

"In order to get a more realistic war-torn feel to the game the developers have added bloody injuries such as soldiers losing limbs. This has been done in a respectful way as the developers understand that this is not an easy topic to cover. For those that find it too realistic or even shocking, the developers have made sure that the new gore setting can be set to different levels of intensity, even allowing the players to disable it completely if they choose."

If you fancy a trip to the trenches, Verdun is £18.99 on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here's a trailer showing off Horrors of War's shiny newness:

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