What Is A ‘Bioshock Collection’ And Do You Want It?

And now on Vague, Possibly-Nothing News Hour, it’s the apparent leak of something called The BioShock Collection, which appears to comprise BioShock 1, BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite Art Budget. Which isn’t super-interesting in itself, given we’ve all been able to pick up said bundle or the components thereof for absurdly low prices in various Steam sales. What is twisting my Plasmids, man, is that the leak claims this pack is coming out for Xbone and PS4 in addition to PC. Which might meant that we’re in for a – oh lord, save me from the buzzwords – next-gen spit’n’polish of the series.

Of course, that may not be at all necessary on PC, which can already run all three games at vastly higher resolutions and other graphical options than the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions had. It’s possible that the PS4 and Xbone editions are little more than 1080p modifications of what was previously a 720p game on console, and us PC-folk won’t see any benefit – even presuming the leak is on the money. But perhaps it’ll go a bit further: sharper textures, a bit of DX11 support for the first two games, maybe some ambient occlusion, maybe unlocking the physics framerate like this here mod does…

All three BioShocks still look pretty good, especially at high resolutions, but I certainly wouldn’t object to seeing that first 45 minutes of the original game looking even prettier. Those undersea high rises! That whale! BS1’s opening is a wonderful, wonderful thing after all – oh for a VR mod, actually.

Presumably all DLC for all three games will be in the mix too, so if the price is right it’s a chance to get everything in one fell swoop. BS2’s Minerva’s Den (made by the Gone Home team) is a particular treat, while the Burial At Sea duology for Infinite needs to be seen both for its fantastic sights and a certain degree of Ozymandian folly.

The Xbone/PS4/PC Collection leak comes from a ratings list from Taiwan, as spotted by Lifelower on Twitter, following hot on the heels of a 360/PS3/PC leak from Brazil. It’s possible that wires have been crossed, but at the same time PS3 and 360 re-releases seem somewhat pointless by this point. That’s the assumed cover art atop this post, btw: kinda spoilery, maybe?

If it is all true – what tweaks would you want to see to series? No, don’t say snarky things about System Shock or Binfinite’s… ambitious plot. I also suspect a full-on remastering is very unlikely.


  1. eocar89 says:

    since the online stores like steam appeared, such things as remakes or collections of recent games are useless. we want new games, possibly that don’t need 3 months of patches to be playable!

  2. Lars Westergren says:

    I wouldn’t mind controller support for the first game, playing that on the couch was one of the main reasons I bought a Steam Link (together with Rocksmith 2014 which also doesn’t work).

    Wouldn’t mind a graphics upgrade of the first two.

    Also, all things considered I think B2 was the best game in the series. Thanks to Alec who wrote the RPS review and convinced me to give it a chance.

    • LazyAssMF says:

      But Bioshock does have controller support since forever. O_o

      • Lars Westergren says:

        I’ll check again, but last time I tried to plug in a controller I got a big warning popup about “this game has partial controller support”, and via Steam Link it wasn’t detected.

        • Arklay says:

          A Lot of my Steam games say they only have partial controller support yet function perfectly as far as I know. This could be the case with Bioshock. Or not.

  3. Nacery says:

    I would really like to have better compatibility with modern OS’s so I don’t have to deal with openAL/EAX, dx 10, mouse smoothing and sensivity issues or having to play in compatibility mode.

    • golem09 says:

      This is not even just a problem with newer systems and/or OSs. I pretty much consider the current PC ports simply broken. Audio never worked correctly on any PC I played BS1+2 on, resulting in no direct sound, just echoes, and the mouse smoothing if some of the worst I’ve ever seen.
      Since I want to replay both games in the coming 12 months, I was really hoping this would still come out, and these problems would be fixed, either by simply free updates or *sigh* buying the patches I should have gotten for free. Shortly after the games were released.

  4. Spuzzell says:

    You REALLY don’t need to append a “1” to the name of the first title in a series.

    It’s just Bioshock. Or BS.

  5. piedpiper says:

    I would love to play them again all with gamepad and I would love if they add a new level of difficulty to those games. But replaying piece of overhyped garbage called Binfinite is frightening me.

  6. gbrading says:

    I’d go for some high rez texture updates in BioShock 1 and 2. BioShock 2 especially suffered with some poor textures where the original game’s assets had been imported (in the original game they looked better).

    Also, BioShock 2 suffered from a weird sound bug where only some of the sounds played (basically the game doesn’t dedicate enough resources to streaming sound effects); no idea if they eventually fixed that.

  7. shoptroll says:

    There were no benefits to PC users when 2K released the Handsome Jack Collection for consoles. I’m not expecting them to do much on the PC side for any of these games. They probably do have to bring BioShock up to Unreal Engine 3 or UE4 since that was running on a heavily customized version of UE2. Not sure what BioShock 2 was running on. Including all the DLC seems like a given.

    “BS1’s opening is a wonderful, wonderful thing after all – oh for a VR mod, actually.” You say that Alec, but don’t forget the first jump scare about an hour or so in :)

    • Rei Onryou says:

      “BS1’s opening is a wonderful, wonderful thing after all – oh for a VR mod, actually.” You say that Alec, but don’t forget the first jump scare about an hour or so in :)

      Just crapped my pants pulling out that repressed memory. I do not want that close-up in VR!

    • Thirith says:

      Alec, if you haven’t already done so, make sure to look into VorpX; I’m fairly sure you’ll find people on YouTube playing all of the Bioshocks on Oculus Rift using VorpX.

      Actually, once Oculus Rift is out, I’m hoping there’ll be an article about playing old games in VR – how you can do it, to what extent it’s actually enjoyable.

  8. Neurotic says:

    I have huge trouble getting BS1 to work on W7 (x64), so if they wanted to bump the compatibility factor up a bit, I’d buy it for sure.

  9. malkav11 says:

    I loved Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite (Burial at Sea and all) and fully plan to play 2 past the opening level or two one of these days, but having already played them I’m not in the market for a spitshined version unless current owners get the improvements for free. And we wouldn’t, most likely.

  10. Kamestos says:

    I would like to wield both a weapon and a plasmid in the first Bioshock. That was addressed in B2 but I remember it was annoying going back to B1 and having to switch back and forth between guns and plasmids.

  11. Christian Dannie Storgaard says:

    Ooh, I would love to see Linux ports of the first two games! Sure, they run fine in Wine, but sound can be troublesome (just like on modern Windows’ it seems), and I’d really prefer them running natively.
    Apart from that, a bit of AO and possibly some higher resolution textures sound about right.

  12. Zach Fett says:

    I’d just like to point out how obviously fake that cover is that’s being spread around. Look at the ESRB logo. There’s no reason they’d use an incorrect label that’s squashed and has the wrong colors (as well as possibly saying “M 10+” but it’s hard to read that) when they have readily available templates for mock-up covers.

    • Thirith says:

      If it’s an obvious fake, it’s a very attractive obvious fake IMO. I really like the As Above, So Below thing with the lighthouse in the middle.

  13. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    It’s unlikely, but I’d definitely buy Bioshock 1 for a third time if they tweaked the controls to be like Bioshock 2 (guns in one hand, plasminds in the other). Also Bioshock 2 is the best Bioshock, etc.

    I was just thinking the other day that I can’t actually think of any game that truly lived up to Bioshock’s potential (including Bioshock itself). The Big Daddy/Little Sister relationship remains a truly singular thing–NPCs who actually seemed to care about one another, and who had goals and routines entirely independent of the player–and while I liked Infinite a lot, it’s a shame that the series never really capitalized on that notion of a living world. If 2K ever does another sequel, I hope they go back to the concept of NPCs with relationships that the player is only optionally a part of (and NPCs who can express some emotion towards one another other than rabid hate would be nice too).

  14. edx says:

    Well, there is some room for the first BioShock to be upgraded, beyond graphics:
    – In Steam the first game doesn’t have achievements (not that I care too much about that)
    – They could add the 3 Challenge Rooms Pack from the PS3 release, that also included an extra difficulty level (Survivor) and a New Game+ option.
    – They could add the Museum of Orphaned Concepts level showcasing art and deleted concepts, from the Ultimate Rapture Edition.
    – There are some bugs that could be fixed: the sound bug that makes you have to enable the Sound mixer or plug something to make it work correctly, the Langford’s safe when having Scrounger equipped bug, the Leaving Fort Frolic in the original Bathysphere bug, etc.

  15. MrUnimport says:

    I sure hope it’s on a new engine. I had sound issues all through Bioshock 1 and 2, which unfortunately got so bad that Minerva’s Den became completely unplayable.

  16. Ejia says:

    Steam says I own all the Shocks of Bio, but have yet to play 2 and 8. I quite enjoyed 1, which was like the first-person Psi-Ops I never knew I wanted. Pity I had some trouble getting sound to work on Win 7.

  17. rgbarton says:

    To be this is being published by 2k and those guys did do a pretty great job with GTA V remastered and that was a great example of remaster (technically it was Rockstar who published it but if were getting into the technical side of things 2K is like rockstars parent company)

  18. cunningmunki says:

    The only thing that has ever prevented me from replaying Bioshock Infinite is the lack of quicksave. I have memories of having to replay a particular section over and over again which has always put me off a reinstall.