Dusted: Legacy Of Kain F2P Spin-Off Nosgoth Cancelled

Square Enix have announced that they are cancelling Nosgoth [official site], the free-to-play humans vs. vampires multiplayer game vaguely connected to the Legacy of Kain series. It entered beta in January 2015 and will close down in May without having properly launched. It wasn’t popular enough to keep going, Square Enix say, which always invites a lot of finger-pointing. Squeenix will keep the servers online for people to play until May 31st, when Nosgoth will suffer final death.

Our resident Premature Evaluator had a crack as Nosgoth soon after the open beta launched, and found it promising, at least. Looking over replies to this announcement on the Nosgoth forums, I’m seeing a lot of passionate responses saying that promise was squandered and their feedback not listened to – though every player usually has their own ideas about where a game should go and what it should be.

Squeenix said in today’s announcement:

“A massive amount of work has gone into making Nosgoth a reality, and continually bringing new developments to the game. Our own teams, as well as the great guys at Psyonix, have dedicated a huge portion of themselves to making Nosgoth bigger and better over the years. Not only that, but dedicated community members provided a great deal of feedback that has been tremendously beneficial to the game. We are eternally grateful. Thank you one and all.”

They add:

“This was not an easy decision to come to. It has been a pleasure to build this game with your help, but ultimately its audience hasn’t grown enough to sustain ongoing operations.”

Refunds will only be offered on purchases made since March 1st. Players who bought early access or microtransaction bits before then will not receive refunds for those.

As for whether the failure of Nosgoth will affect the Legacy of Kain series, they say “Any future Legacy of Kain project will be considered independently of Nosgoth and on the merits of the proposals alone.” Which is fair enough. Rumour says Nosgoth only exists because it was spun off from a cancelled LoK game, Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun.


  1. Talahar says:

    Haven’t tried it, and I guess, now I never will. I love the Legacy of Kain series though, but that alone was apparantly not enough to draw me in.

  2. ran93r says:

    I played a little, it was a bit “meh”. Sort of Tesco Value Class Based Shooter.

    My biggest problem with it was that it was the game nobody asked for, single player Squeenix, that’s all we wanted, and get Amy back whilst you are at it.

  3. GameCat says:

    F2P multiplayer competetive game based on franchise that it’s basically the opposite of it, bombed.

    From the other news, the water is still wet.

  4. Lintire says:

    Well that was quick. That games only what, 18 months old? Younger?

    I still want to know the story behind how it came to be. Spinoffs usually work best when the franchise they’re piggybacking on is still alive.

    Though being undead sort of suits the situation.

    • Jay Load says:

      Yeah, it made as much sense as a Gardening show set in the Game of Thrones world. Interesting to a few but not what people generally tune into Game of thrones for.

      Let this be the umpteenth repetition of this lesson, developers; RESPECT THE SOURCE MATERIAL.

  5. Freud says:

    It looked interesting but these days it seems smarter to wait a while before getting invested in a multiplayer game unless it’s a big game. There are too many of them and not enough players.

    • ran93r says:

      To some extent it’s also a matter of attention span. You get these games in early access that are still in active development, just going around on the treadmill in some cases for months and months.
      People get bored and wander off and this looks like a casualty of having far too long an access period before a full fledged release.
      Nosgoth were throwing out things like their Warlord unlock packs two years ago in bundle promotions.

  6. Gurrah says:

    I’m so not surprised by this, first time I saw it, I thought it was a mod, then I found out it was supposed to be a proper release. I laughed and started counting the days til it’s inevitable demise. I’m sorry, but the game looked so bland an uninspired like nothing I’ve seen in recent months.

    • Zankman says:

      Rubbish, it had a distinct visual style and unique gameplay dynamics.

  7. Banks says:

    Well that was quick.

    I hope they don’t kill Hitman before release.

  8. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    That’s a shame, I did find it fun, and it did something different to most multiplayer arena-shoot games.

    Can’t help wondering if it hadn’t had the Kain name attached it may have done better, many just couldn’t give it a chance.

  9. SnowCrash says:

    Having tried it, i felt more like it had some cool ideas and then just never quiet worked any out.

  10. Cinek says:

    I played it quite a bit. It was really fun for a while, but then limited number of maps and PuGs in a game that hugely punishes anything that’s not a close team play really killed it. Playing with random people felt like a waste of time, and devs never got around either implementing mechanics that would teach people to play as a group or changing the balance to something less punishing when 1 or 2 of your teammates refuse to stick with everyone else and/or synchronize attacks.

  11. Ansob says:

    Shame, as it was rather good. Not very popular, though, which presumably means it never got the critical popularity mass required to pay for its own continued development.

  12. Universal Quitter says:

    This is one of those games where if a person asked me to summarize what’s wrong with today’s game design trends, I’d just gesture in its general direction and grunt.

    Sorry to see a bunch of effort and assets go to waste, but that was inevitable from the start.

    • PineMaple says:

      How so? I’m not a fan of many trends in modern game design, but I really enjoyed Nosgoth when I played it. There were major issues, but those were more based on server infrastructure and game stability than design. If you’re talking about the monetization, that’s one area where I’ll agree with you, but the gameplay itself was refreshing, and, if not innovative, at least different than most of what’s coming into the market.

  13. ZIGS says:

    First Triad Wars, now this. Why can’t Squeenix make the games we want, instead of the ones no one asked for? I mean this should be basic business

    • CaptainBlasto says:

      Haha! You’re so naive. Behold, Square (Eidos’) new Fear Effect!

      link to gameinformer.com

      Let’s go over this, shall we?
      – not a survival horror game
      – a sequel to FE: Inferno, which never shipped
      – inspired by Shadowrun, for some reason
      – crowdfunding. Their S-E Collective program, matter of fact
      – indie studio

      Some idiot at Eidos: That’s what fans want, yes? Good. *collects check, goes home*

      Urrgh. To think of all the money they’re wasting on this junk. They could’ve just poured into finishing a Legacy of Kain Dark Son, or into a Sleeping Dogs 2 or whatever. The western half of Square Enix is far more baffling than the Eastern half, boy…

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      Probably because Big Publishing is run by people from mass market soft drinks and sportswear industries etc. rather than people with creative backgrounds.
      It’s the reason why they can operate billions of monies while still being horrible half the time.

  14. Zankman says:

    It was fun and very interesting and challenging when I played it.

    However, unfortunately, it was also horrible to play Solo – it was 4-man teams or nothing.

    Maybe with some type of pings, quick chat and Voice Chat…

    Thing is, even in groups of 4, the game was still very punishing and could be frustrating.

    Thus, I reckon the relatively high skill floor and punishing nature of the game, combined with it being almost impossible to play with randoms, were the causes of the game’s failure.

    Add in the fact that the game is based around an older franchise… Yet has little to do with it.

  15. NecroKnight says:

    Aw man, that’s a shame. I really liked the game and it was fun, but it lacked content. Instead of new maps we wanted more game modes and classes. The development always seemed kinda slow. I mean, it took them months to implement a new class.

  16. JcDent says:

    It looked lame from the first trailer. The action didn’t look fun, and when did this sort of gimmick class MP work? AvP? Savage?

    Down with tyranny of multiplayer! Yay for single player! Give me a fun single player campaign for Blacklight: Retribution! Hell, give me back the multiplayer component! It was the only shooter I was half-good at!

  17. kud13 says:

    That’s now Dark Prophecy, Dark Sun and Nosgoth all cancelled.

    Sigh. I’ll never see Kain righting the Balance, will I?

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I had pretty much given up hope, but there does seem to be a bit of back and forth about the possibility of a new single-player LoK lately so who knows?

      I know how you feel though. Want a hug?

  18. Zieg:Biting Dog says:

    I can see many people are shaming this game and in really unfair game. I’m one of the players that you’d call nerds probably with 1k+ hours on it. And I’d say the only actual problems game had is bugs and completely disgusting work of Squeenix. I can see some people saying it’s impossible to play this game with randoms, here’s your answer : link to puu.sh, get better and do the job all you need. One person even left after calling me a hacker on enemy team. This game had a really great idea of Gun vs Melee. Where you had to think of tactics and positioning really well. Learn a lot to be capable to play great carry/team and else stuff. This game of course had only tiny bit of weapon choices, but that was pretty enough, no any P2W systems or else, anyone can have any weapon on any level depend on his liking, everything was pretty balanced if you know how to deal with it. And don’t point on birds, you have a MMB melee which makes a real fast movement ahead and can be used as dodge.But I have to admit game lacked content. But the problem was that they barely had $ to continue development, since Squeezenix been forcing Cryonix to implement Ranked with 10k cash pool. Well I know that people think this game is a 4 man party or nothing. But you see it’s not true. You can carry in this game if you are good enough, party is not so important, voice chat not needed as well.The only problems had this game was having Squeenix as a publisher and the fact new people can’t stand being stomped by a Veteran players, but all that because this game is skill based then anything else. I really liked this game, there no any game like this one out there with same Gun vs Melee system in which any side vampire/human can win, these days we can only see typical cloned games with same Arena TPS/FPS games with all the same modes/guns/ideas. I really want this game to get going, but seems with squeenix it’s impossible to do.Hope my feedback was helpful. Hope everyone got the point of all the things I said.

  19. Corgi239 says:

    Shame. I have been playing this game fairly casually with two of my friends every Saturday and it was incredibly fun. Oh well, another tradition is broken (it used to be Battlefront II). Guess I will gave to find something new. (I would appreciate any suggestions!)

    • Universal Quitter says:

      They really can’t leave it for fans to host their own servers, or pay others to host them, like tons of other games do?

      Why does it have to be in house servers?

      Seems kind of bastardly to just take their ball and go home, particularly when being so choosey about refunds.

  20. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I kind of hate this whole system where a game has to be successful in Early Access otherwise it will never get a full release. It feels like we basically have a minority of gamers who are deciding what games the rest of us get to play.

  21. Zach Fett says:

    Wow, that’s really sad. I doubt they will but it’d be cool if they allowed us to still do LAN play or host our own servers. The game was really fun, it’s sad that a lot of people refused to try it. One of the better F2P games I tried.

  22. Thoric says:

    Such a shame. I’ve been playing this for the last 2-3 months and really enjoyed it. Vampire abilities are very cool and varied, and the asymmetric gameplay really clicks. Can’t speak for what it was when the beta launched, but what I played was a solid core experience, that just needed a bit of promotion and loosening on the RMT side.

  23. magogjack says:

    I rather enjoyed this game with its two, actually, different sides. Unfortuantly the game had a low population and little marketing. I would not be surprised if Square-Enix expected the game to fund its self through development and refused to increase the budget. It would explain alot about the game tbh.

    • Jalan says:

      The low population remark really speaks thunderously, given that the game had been included in a Humble bundle and gaining access to the game wasn’t particularly hard before it went into an open state.

      The unaddressed bugs must’ve driven people away by a large margin and if there weren’t over 10k+ playing a game like this on a daily average (with a conservative estimate of those being people who use the microtransactions) then it’s likely seen as DOA by the publisher.

  24. yoggesothothe says:

    That’s interesting that there’s basically two types of comments here: those that judged the game as crap without having played it, and those that mourn the passing of a game they greatly enjoyed. I suppose that’s true of most games with potential that die on the vine.

    Personally, I found the game to be quite compelling. Essentially Left4Dead versus without all the running around, purely setups and executions. All meat, no filler. The only problem it ever really had was that there simply never were enough players to get games going without having to wait upwards of half an hour. A rather self-perpetuating cycle, unfortunately.

    Having played Nosgoth, the huge success the devs found with Rocket League seemed entirely natural. Far more surprising was how little traction Nosgoth gained in comparison.

    Very sad about this development (or death of).

  25. Spluff says:

    It just seems bizarre to me that a game can be canned because of lack of interest while in beta. It says a lot about how many developers are using early access – but IMO it’s doing more harm than good to many games. The greatest spike of interest for most games will come when it first becomes available in early access, but many games just aren’t polished enough at that point to retain that interest. By the time they do develop enough polish, the interest has worn off and people have already judged the game on its early, unfinished state.

  26. Not_Eternal says:

    The community is still fighting to save this game. We have a petition going to request that the developers allow us to host private servers at the very least.

    SAVE NOSGOTH! link to change.org

  27. Ygdrasel says:

    The game was great. And its lore was great. Still hoping it can be saved.

    The insult here isn’t in its cancellation though but the absolutely pathetic mishandling of it. SE clung to its garbage F2P plan despite all criticism and dumped tens of thousands into ESL trying to make Nosgoth an “esport”.

    Then Psyonix became sidetracked by Rocket League (which won an award not long before this announcement) and ignored the feedback.

    What a mess.

    • Blastcaps says:

      What was suggested to someone, was about turning it into open source, copy write got mentioned and then suggested about stripping out anything copy writed and allowing the community to continue to develop things.

      “me: as for “maintaining copywrites” they dont have to include the nosgoth vamp/human skins, the community can come up with stuff :)
      *Redacted* Sure, that could theoretically happen. But realistically I’m afraid it won’t. It would be hugely unusual for a publisher to let of of content that they’ve invested a lot of money into.”

      The only thing changed with the above direct quote is the removal of the name of the person who I was having that conversation with, they have some connection with square enix and psyonic but I’m declining to put their name out into the wind as it where.

  28. Blastcaps says:

    IT had potential which got squandered, and the thing that mostly broke it was the bugs and random crashes, quite frequently you’d see old bugs which had been patched and fixed pop back up after a patch got deployed and the thing that really killed nosgoth has to the the “B*****D” patch that took psyonix over 3 weeks to fix, which introduced random soft crashes to main menu (IE kicked from match for no reason or anything you’d done), hard crashes to desktop, reconnect to match button not working, and hideous server lag (on client screens you would often see players had low ping times like 20ms in a match) yet you would see players “teleporting” rubber banding and delays on powers/abilities firing off, as well as the client showing cooldowns had finished yet being unable to use said abilities etc due to them still being registered server side as being on cooldown.

    Add in also a complete and TOTAL lack of communication from the developers nevermind the community managers, and you ended up with even the calmest and nicest of the community rage posting due to the complete and total lack of response or answers as to when the issues introduced by that patch were going to be fixed, point of fact several people I know ended up with temp bans from the forums as a result of their posts during that period.

    The game lost a LOT of players who simply never came back as a result, so yes the game had potential that was squandered.