Dead By Daylight Plans Parties, New Killers, New Maps

Dead by Daylight [official site] has lurched up the Steam charts with its 1v4, horror movie killer vs. plucky teens, multiplayer action. Basically, a supernatural slasher tries to sacrifice teens to dark gods by hanging them from meat hooks, while the teens try to evade the killer while they fix generators so they can escape. From what I’ve seen, it looks like a lark with pals but… that’s a bit tricky when it lacks multiplayer party support. Fear not! (Fear less?) Parties are coming, developers Behaviour say, along with more maps, killers, and so on.

Behaviour explain in a Steam post that they’ve been keeping an eye on things since last week’s launch and are prioritising game-breaking bugs. “We are also tweaking a lot of values to make the game more balanced, to make the matchmaking smarter and to make the ranking system more rewarding and fairer,” they say.

They’re also working on a “survive with friends” mode, which they say “will allow people to group together as survivors, in ranked mode and join other random people to play the game.” No firm word yet on when this curious absence will be remedied. Beyond that, Behaviour add:

“We also have people working on new content, at the same time. We want to provide you with new killers, new survivors and new maps. This is, for us, a very important thing. We want this game to be alive and to stay exciting to play. By adding more content, more variations, we can make sure the game is always fun to play. It will grow and get deeper and more satisfying. At least that’s the plan.”

They’re hoping to release some sort of patch every week, though some will just bring bug fixes or balance tweaks rather than new content.

Dead by Daylight is £13.49/17,99€/$17.99 on Steam right now. Publishers Starbreeze are offering another 10% off to people who own Payday 2.

To explain a bit more, Dead by Daylight is a 1v4 multiplayer game set in procedurally-generated “killing grounds” with a variety of tilesets. The killer tries to sacrifice teens by chasing them down, grabbing them, and hanging them on meathooks to suffer and struggle until the skies open and insectile dark gods draw them up. Teens need to fix four power generators in each arena so they can open the door and escape, along the way dodging the killer, helping friends who get in trouble, and maybe scavenging helpful items. Killers move faster and their different classes have abilities like bear traps and invisibility, but teens are more agile and can knock down obstacles to block paths. Them’s your basics.

Our Adam is hoping to have a go at Dead by Daylight, I know. I’ve not played myself but have seen a bit in my worktime idle second-screen YouTube-watching and it does look fun with friends. Above is that nice lad ‘Northernlion’ and his chums playing the beta.


  1. Bleiz says:

    It’s an awesome game guys, and for the price it’s a steal.
    Also watch pt. 2 of Funhaus’ Let’s Play and witness the birth of a psychopath :D

  2. WhiteHawke says:

    I’ve noticed watching this game played that there is a lot of persistent character progression. For anyone that has tried it, is there anyway to disable that in custom lobbies, or play without it somehow?

  3. Al Bobo says:

    It’s a very ‘fun’ game until you realize, that you can abuse window hopping as a survivor and after that you don’t have to fear the killer at all, since windows becomes your safe zone.
    You see, even though the killer runs faster than survivors, he is a clumsy rhino when it comes to hopping through the window. Survivors, on the other hand, go through it much faster.
    It was meant to give survivors a chance to get some distance, when the killer is running behind them, but now it’s morphed into a weird ring-around-the-rosy -game, where the survivor abuses a window and a sufficiently long wall, going through that same window again and again until the clumsy killer stops his futile chase and goes away.
    Advice got from forums (there’s many, many discussions made about this topic, btw) and devs goes something like “Deal with it” and “Go do something else until he leaves the window”.
    It’s such a broken mechanic that I stopped playing the game, because it stole the fun no matter, if I played the survivor or the killer. As the killer, catching that one window hopper was hopeless and as the survivor, every time I played I had to made a balance act in my mind by choosing, if I wanted to die or if I wanted to cheese my way to victory.
    I put this info here so that people at least check the forums before buying the game. Don’t get me wrong, the game is great as long as nobody overuses windows, but who really wants to lose, if given a chance not to? I do want to continue playing Dead By Daylight so I check patch notes daily to see, if they have done something about it.

    • SexyHomie says:

      maps need some serious balancing, that is true
      survivors abusing window spots, that is true
      so yes, your only option now is to just ignore them and chase others unless you play killer with traps, and even you will most likely fail
      Game is fun, definitely worth trying, however it has some serious issues.
      Still, I kinda enjoy chasing others with my chainsaw, especially with new players watching their first reaction.
      I guess until devs come up with some solution, you have to find way how to have fun as killer.
      I ragequitted few times before I realised that it just ruins experience of others playing with me, so now I am just trying to play the way I like it.
      And no, I am not hook camping.

    • Bleiz says:

      To me this isn’t that much of an issue. Window hoppers are annoying, but they won’t win the game window hopping. They still need to get these generators. So whenever I see someone starts window hopping, I go find someone else to kill. Hoppers will eventually leave that safe spot and that’s when you get them.

    • ChiefOfBeef says:

      With all the problems, namely the severe bias against the killers, putting in premades is a step too far. There is no way they can ever balance that and pubs. Cost me £12, but as soon as this patch hits that’s money well-wasted.

  4. Farnbeak says:

    Its a game that has an awesome concept (and it sells well) but lackluster implementation and appears badly designed at this point.
    It will surely take more than just fixing bugs and bad decisions for this to become a ‘good game’. More meat is really needed on its bones, plainly adding maps/killers will not change the repetetive basics.

    Bad systems/choices currently:
    1) Endless window hopping for survivors creating safe zones to waste as much killer time as he spends there.
    2) Ranking system based on exploitable and farmable score values (and even punishing actual wins with rank losses).
    3) Lackluster and drawn out progression system having you acquire endless insignificant one-use items (only 1 perk purchase per level is of any significance at all – if you’re lucky).
    4) Lack of strategic choice (only tactical options) and general gameplay repetitiveness.
    5) Client side character data storage (easily modified to bypass the progression system altogether to maximum advantage)

    Those problems above breed some really exploit-centric behaviour in the community which I won’t even list here. They must be fixed before this game can be called enjoyable at all, IMO.

    P.S. I own the game and have 20+ hours beta+release. Not playing anymore until I see those dev promises delivered.

    • WhiteHawke says:

      You mention disliking the progression system. Do you know if there is any way to play without it? Like in private or custom games?

      • Farnbeak says:

        Yes, you can play a private game and unequip all items and perks and play ‘clean’ if you wish but those are not consumed in private games as points/rank are not gained; also you can pick an unleveled survivor character. You would have to communicate about those ‘house rules’ though as there are no specific settings.
        You will also have to fill the lobby entirely by your steam friends (there’s no matchmaking available for private games, but those can start with less than full 4 survivor team if you’re desperate)

    • Bleiz says:

      1: Endless only because you let it… When I play as killer and see I’ve got a hopper on my hands, it means he won this round and I go somewhere else.
      2:Ranking system isn’t based on wins. It’s based on the actions you do in a game. If you hide in a closet the whole game while your teammates do all the work, you’re gonna lose rank even if you survive. For survivors it’s all about cooperation, taunting the killer, doing objectives. For killers, winning is about making the survivors suffer as much as you can, terrorizing them. You get a lot more points hooking the same person 3 times than getting him sacrificed on the first attempt.

      For the rest I kinda agree, though the only thing that really bugs me at this point are the lobby hoppers that join then quit every lobby to find their buddy.

  5. Premium User Badge

    cultiv8ed says:

    It’s a fantastic game if you have 4 friends to play private with and would make a great LAN party game. At least you can walk over and hit the offending window hopper :)

    Playing with randoms online is very hit and miss.

  6. TeePee says:

    I bought it and then shortly afterwards made it only the second game I ever refunded.

    I don’t hate it, and I might well buy it again down the line if I like the look of where it’s going, but it’s hellishly short on content, had a lot of gamebreaking bugs and there were quite a few balancing issues as well (the much-lamented window-hopping being the most prevalent).

    Basically it’s an early access game without the early access tag, and that makes me a bit uncomfortable. I really want it to succeed, as I think the core concept is pretty solid, and the gameplay is fairly good fun, but it will need Payday 2 levels of long-term polish and attention before it gets anywhere near maximising the early promise.

  7. CrAzYdUdZ says:

    Can you please add a command where we can join with friends in a public lobby please? It would be awesome to finaly play with my friend/s on a public server.