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Resident Evil big-bad Albert Wesker is coming to Dead By Daylight soon

Project W revamps the RPD map, introduces Rebecca and Ada

The Umbrella Corporation’s favourite stooge Albert Wesker is back again, and he’s bursting into multiplayer survival horror Dead By Daylight as a new killer, The Mastermind. Wesker’s arrival is the second time Resident Evil has crossed over into DBD, but the upcoming Project W event will revamp the Raccoon Police Department map and bring along familiar Resi characters Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong as playable survivors. Barricade yourself inside the police station of your mind and watch the trailer below.

Dead By Daylight's upcoming Resident Evil: Project W event will see familiar characters become killers and survivors.

Wesker's reveal was part of today's Behaviour Beyond stream from Dead By Daylight's devs. Dead By Daylight and Resident Evil first crossed over in last year’s Nemesis event, adding Resi’s Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy and the titular S.T.A.R.S.-hunting monstrosity as part of DBD’s fifth anniversary celebrations. Project W was revealed during the game’s sixth anniversary stream back in May. This seems to be turning into a yearly thing from Dead By Daylight and Capcom.

Any chance that we might see Lady Dimitrescu rock up for the seventh birthday bash then? Behaviour’s head of partnerships Mathieu Côté didn’t rule anything out when asked, saying that the company had some long discussions with Capcom about Resident Evil characters that Dead By Daylight could use. In a fight between Dimitrescu and Alfred Ashford, I’d bet on Dimitrescu.

The Resident Evil franchise is having a bit of a moment, again. Netflix’s oddball new live-action show has caused controversy among fans, and some anticipation about which characters from the series might pop up. Hi again, Lady D. Capcom finally shared details of Resident Evil Village’s DLC too, the Winters’ Expansion, due to release in October. They also recently showed off the opportunity to play as Village baddies Karl Heisenberg and, of course, Lady D herself in the new Mercenaries Additional Orders mode.

Resident Evil: Project W will arrive in Dead By Daylight soon. Can’t say more than soon yet, as Behaviour haven’t put a firm date on it. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more. The base game is on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £15/$20/€20.

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