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Lady Dimitrescu is coming to Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries mode

Get a slice of the action

There’s so many dodgy things I could say about Resident Evil Village’s upcoming DLC’s The Mercenaries Additional Orders mode and its inclusion of a playable Lady Dimitrescu, along with magnetic Nic Cage wannabe Karl Heisenberg and perennial favourite Chris Redfield. Instead, I’ll be a nice lad and keep shtum. Aside from the extra characters, Additional Orders brings more stages and some other improvements to Mercenaries that Capcom haven’t elaborated on. Watch the trailer for it below and imagine being inside Lady D. Oh crap.

More variety is always good news for a Resident Evil Mercenaries mode, and that's what you'll get with the Additional Orders DLC.Watch on YouTube

Playing as Dimitrescu means building your Thrill meter by slashing away at lycans and other enemies, which enables special moves such as slamming down other bad guys or just outright summoning her trio of daughters to tear up shop for her. It’s a cool addition to become the extremely tall and dominating vampire. Lady D’s still so popular that she might even end up in the Netflix Resident Evil live-action TV show, if its showrunner gets his way, too.

Heisenberg and good ol’ Chris have their own special abilities in Mercenaries Additional Orders as well. Karl – can I call you Karl? – can beat down enemies with his hammer and magnetic attacks, but he can also chuck saw blades and gets the chance to summon his Soldat Jet creations from his factory. The elder Redfield sibling, meanwhile, can use his staggeringly effective punch to knock back baddies and fill his Onslaught gauge. This lets Chris move and reload much quicker. He has the option to call in missile strikes by his buddies in the Hound Wolf Squad as well.

Ed reckoned the base game lost sight of itself in his Resident Evil Village review when it launched last year. “Just when I thought Resident Evil Village couldn't become any more chaotic, it proved me wrong,” he said. “It went berserk, with sequences plucked straight out of Call Of Duty. I fended off hordes of enemies like a supersoldier; at one point I fully expected Covenant dropships from Halo to warp in.” He’s not wrong, it does lose it towards the end.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition is out on October 28th for PC and consoles, and includes the extra content for Mercenaries. If you own the base game then you can nab the Winters’ Expansion on Steam for £16/$20/€20, which includes The Mercenaries Additional Orders along with Third Person Mode for the main campaign and the Shadows Of Rose scenario announced in June.

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