Prey: watch the full first hour here

I’ve written down my thoughts on what it was like to play the first hour of Arkane’s upcoming first-person-shooterbut Prey [official site] right over here, but if you prefer to watch than read, here’s a recording of the entire session for you. Warning: contains spoilers for the first hour of the game (but nothing beyond that point), which do include a couple of twists. Don’t watch if you want to go in blind.

My plan is to run a second version of this video soon, with commentary about what I’m doing, what I think and why I’m so damned inept.


  1. Jokerme says:

    Looks like they’ve managed to reach Half Life 2’s level after 13 years. Well done.

  2. twaitsfan says:

    Pretty uninspired. At least the first & the trailer for the original second one showed a little originality.

  3. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    is it Benedict Wong voicing Alex guy?

  4. Veav says:

    Man, I hope there’s an option to turn off the stamina bar. I don’t want to be staring at that thing popping in and out the whole game.

    • Veav says:

      Also the crosshairs. Also health bars. Also damage numbers. Also mandatory splash tutorials – give me the option but don’t jump straight into the screen. Also spoilers within the damn tutorials, e.g. “btw you get psi powers”. Also not-Polito chatting about display cases in the middle of combat. Also that sassy wrench flip every time she takes it out. (In fact the twisty wrench design is entirely too sassy, full stop.) And I should be able to loot all without going into the container’s inventory. Did they not play Bioshock or FO4?

      …with all that said, I’m freakin’ stoked. I feel like Arkane said “let us make System Shock 3” and Bethesda said “we don’t have that IP, use this one instead”. I’m on board.

  5. Faults says:

    I hope this is beta code because goddamn there were so many graphical bugs in that playthrough. SO MANY.

  6. Deakul says:

    Might want to upload a video where you aren’t drunk or high next time, what an infuriating video to watch.

  7. Troubletcat says:

    Why the flippity-flop is the crosshair so low on the screen instead of in the center? Sure hope there’s an option to fix that objectively terrible design decision.

    Looks alright overall though.

    • Faults says:

      I believe that’s a trick that Destiny first played with – it’s not just the crosshair but the entire centre of your field of view. IIRC it’s a design concession so the player has more spatial awareness of what is going on above them.

      I believe the reason for this is because using a 16:9 monitor at a ‘sensible’ horizontal FOV, your vertical FOV is actually greatly reduced from what the human eye would naturally be able to perceive (for the record, 4:3 almost exactly mimics the natural aspect ratio of human eyesight). Therefore, it makes sense if you are playing a game with any kind of ‘vertical’ gameplay to skew the FOV one way or another to compensate.

      • Troubletcat says:

        But like… good crosshair placement already involves aiming above the horizon. I played Destiny and this really bothered me there too because you can’t see obstacles near the ground that are close to you without aiming at the ground.

        I guess I can sort of see the logic for console games where people are sitting much further away from the screen and therefore a lower FOV tends to feel natural, but like… I play games with a lot of verticality regularly. I have to say in my opinion “you should look up sometimes” has got to be easier to deal with than “where you’re aiming at is not where you intuitively expect it to be”.

  8. tonicer says:

    Looks very consolified. Thank you for the gameplayvideo. Now i know i don’t have to even consider buying it.

  9. Cvnk says:

    Interacting with the computers via the wrench got a laugh out of me. I realize this is just typical early game confusion over the interface(left mouse button versus whatever key is use for interacting) with objects but it does realize a common inner desire of anyone who works with computers a lot.