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Pre-order Nioh 2 and get Prey for free at Gamesplanet

Plus save 15% on its usual price

Nioh 2's Complete Edition is coming to PC on February 5th, and to celebrate the launch of Koei Tecmo's rock-hard Souls-like, Gamesplanet are throwing in free copies of Arkane's Prey when you use the voucher code NIOH2 at checkout. The same voucher will also slice 15% off its usual price, giving you a nice saving of £7.50 in the process.

This offer is valid until February 21st, so you don't have to put in a pre-order straight away if you'd rather wait for reviews. Alas, the offer isn't available to those in the US, but it should work almost everywhere else, including the UK and Europe. Prey codes are only available while stocks last, but the 15% off discount will last for the full length of the offer period.

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Meanawhile, if Capcom's Resident Evil 8 Village stream at the beginning of the week got you in the mood for some zombie slaying, then Gamesplanet also have some good deals on pretty much the entire Resident Evil series this week. I've picked out some highlights below, but you can find the full list of games on offer right here.

Indeed, until 9am GMT on February 1st, there's 70% off the deluxe edition of the excellent Resident Evil 2 remake to be had here, plus 63% off the gold edition of Resident Evil 7, which directly precedes the events of Village. I myself have been playing Resident Evil 7 for the first time this week to get ready for Village, and man alive I'm glad I started now because goodness it's almost certainly going to take me until Village comes out in May to finish it because it's so darn scary and stressful.

And because they're personal favourites, it's my sworn duty to inform you that Image & Form's superb SteamWorld games are also on sale at the moment as part of Gamesplanet's wider Thunderful publisher sale. As well as 50% off the stunning SteamWorld Dig 2, there's also 65% off the 2D XCOM-alike SteamWorld Heist, and 40% off their card-based RPG battler SteamWorld Quest.

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