Cuteness overwhelming in Ooblets trailer

Every now and then, in this vast hall of GIFs we call the internet, I see the mini-monsters and dancing townsfolk of Ooblets [official site] and it makes me feel good about life. It’s an as-yet-unreleased game of farming, raising creatures, and living among the townsfolk of ‘Hubton’. “It’s sort of like Harvest Moon meets Pokémon meets Animal Crossing meets the weird awkward people we are,” say the creators at Glumberland. Now they’ve been picked up by publisher Double Fine and have released a new trailer to celebrate that fact. Good stuff.

“We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing,” they said in the announcement, “but we now have a lot more support from people who know what they’re doing, so we’ll hopefully be avoiding a lot of dumb mistakes we were otherwise planning on making.”

It was previously known as ‘Moblets’ but they had to change the name for boring trademarking reasons. But that’s okay. Ooblets still sounds cute. Here’s a run-down of what you’ll be up to if all goes to plan.

Plant, water, and harvest crops, manage and expand your farm, collect all sorts of junk, make friends, and also make littler friends (ooblets).

Use the crops you grow to befriend, upgrade, and heal ooblets. Buy a little shop and sell your excess crops and junk to the townspeople.

While the wee monsters are obviously the focus of much of the game, it’s the human character models I find most likeable. They dance…

They make exaggerated gestures…

They run with tiny, adorable steps…

They’re just boss. Anyway, the team is aiming for a 2018 release and it’s coming to Xbox as well as PC, if you prefer the comfort of a couch to your creaky, half-rotting computer chair.


  1. April March says:




    Also, I’m rather amused that at the end of the video a prompt appeared asking me to help add subtitles to it.

  2. geldonyetich says:

    If they can deliver a stable game that retains that endearing quirkiness while having the novel Harvest Moon/Animal Crossing bent, I’d say it’s a shoe in on my wish list.

  3. Ejia says:

    Well, indie devs have already proven they can create Metroidvanias and Harvest Moon-alikes that are at least as good as the originals, so I would love to see them do it for Pokemon and Animal Crossing.

  4. InfamousPotato says:

    After following them and their delightful gifs on twitter for so long, it’s kinda weird to see the game but with sound too.

  5. Alien426 says:

    Also take a look at developer’s site, even though there’s really nothing to do but looking at the background image.

  6. Rince says:

    This looks so adorable! The music in the trailer fit so well.

    Will be a long wait until release.

  7. gou says:

    quite a massive missfire with that title though, oubliettes are not particularly adorable