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Ooblets items: where to get Clothlets and Froobtose

Details on all the crops and every location for hidden items.

To meet new Ooblets and have dance battles with them, you need specific items. Some items need to be grown in your farm, while others require to be processed in other facilities.

It can all be very confusing, so I thought I'd put everything you need for all the items into one place.

Our Ooblets items guide will give you the locations for every single item, the recipes to make buildings and start cooking, and the seed locations for all the crops.

Shaking a fruit tree in Badgetown to create new items in Ooblets.

Ooblets found item locations

A lot of items can be found in town or in other locations. Some are more common than others, so if you don't find the item you're looking for, check back on another day.

  • Sporbet: Found around Badgetown. They're very common.
  • Boregus: Found around Badgetown. They're a little less common than Sporbet.
  • Buttonboy: Found around Badgetown. These are as common as Boregus.
  • Clothlet: Found rarely in Badgetown. Can be bought at the fountain for 10 Wishies or grown from seeds.
  • Oobsidian: Found by smashing rocks in your farm. They can also be given by Gleamy Ooblets or bought at the fountain for 100 Wishies.
  • Shelbo: Found on Badgetown's beach.
  • Curlyhorn: Found on Badgetown's beach.
  • Seaplop: Found on Badgetown's beach.
  • Gastroglob: Found on Badgetown's beach.
  • Sprockut: Found everywhere in Mamoonia.
  • Rainplop: Found in Badgetown while it's raining.
  • Gross Boot: Found by fishing in Badgetown. Can be turned into bait by the Reconstitooter.
  • Strange Square: Found by fishing in Badgetown. Can be turned into bait by the Reconstitooter.
  • Shiny Bit: Found by fishing in Badgetown. Can be turned into bait by the Reconstitooter.
  • Gummy: Found by fishing, completing tasks, or lying in houses in Badgetown.
  • Speedy Grow: Fishing with basic bait.
  • Speedy Grow Pro: Fishing with high quality bait
  • Stay Soggy: Fishing with basic bait.
  • Stay Soggy Extra Sog: Fishing with high quality bait.
  • Planklet: Destroy logs in the farm and in Badgetown, or fished with Super Bait.
  • Quib: Shake trees with yellow fruit in Badgetown.
  • Crumberry: Shake trees with red fruit in Badgetown.
  • Nurny: Destroy rocks in your farm or fished with Super Bait.
  • Club coins: Found in houses and other locations in Badgetown.
  • Recipe piece: Found in houses and other locations in Badgetown.

A farm in Ooblets where crops are growing into usable items.

Ooblets crops

Plants can be bought in Meed's Seeds and are priced relatively cheaply for the most part. Some are very valuable, but the item you should be growing lots of are Clothlets. They're used for many upgrades and items that help keep your plants watered.

Here are all of the crops you can grow, where you get the seeds, and how long they take to grow.

CropDefault seed priceGrowing timeShop
Caroot5 gummies1.5 daysBadgetown
Clothlet32 gummies3 daysBadgetown
Fartichoke8 gummies6 daysMamoonia
Flootiflower7 gummies4 daysBadgetown
Lopauliflower10 gummies7 daysBadgetown
Muz3 gummies2 daysBadgetown
Pompadoot8 gummies5 daysBadgetown
Sparkflower10 gummies5 daysMamoonia
Springbean6 gummies5 daysBadgetown
Sweetiebeetie5 gummies3 daysBadgetown
Zinooka10 gummies4 daysBadgetown

The player has collected four recipe pieces that can be assembled into recipes in Ooblets.

Ooblets recipes

Most of the recipes are obtained by finding four recipe pieces (they look like torn pieces of paper) and combining them to get a random recipe for your Hotplate. You will need the recipe to make the items, so make sure you keep rummaging through houses until you have every single recipe.

There are some exceptions to this though, as the wishing well in the centre of town has a number of recipes that can be bought for 50 Wishies each.

Hotplate recipes

FoodIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5
Oddles2x Buttonboy1x Boregus1x Muz
Quib Tart1x Froobtose2x Quib
Hop Dob1x Caroot1x Muz Flour
Flooti Karioka1x Froobtose2x Flootiflower
Beanjuice1x Ground Springbeans
Caroot Cake1x Froobtose1x Muz Flour3x Caroot
Clambrosia1x Sweetiebeetie1x Sporbet1x Shelbo
Go Go Cupcake1x Muz Flour1x Spressy3x Flooti Sauce
Pibblepug Pie1x Muz Flour2x Froobtose
Spressy2x Ground Springbeans1x Froobtose
Lurge Latty2x Ground Springbeans1x Pompadoot Juice
Beetie Curd1x Sweetiebeetie1x Muz Flour
? (Not obtainable by recipes)
Mamoonia Macaroon1x Pompadoot Juice2x Sparkflower1x Muz Flour
Muzimi1x Flootiflower2x Muz1x Planklet
Blue Goo Pie1x Froobtose3x Zinooka1x Muz Flour
? (Not obtainable by recipes)
Zinooka Cake3x Zinooka3x Flooti Sauce3x Quib3x Froobtose3x Muz Flour

Crushler, Swooshler & Fabricuter recipes

ItemCrafting locationIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4
FroobtoseCrunchster1x Sweetiebeetie
Muz FlourCrunchster1x Muz
Ground SpringbeansCrunchster1x Springbean
Pompadoot JuiceSwooshler1x Pompadoot
Flooti SauceSwooshler1x Flootiflower
Wooden PathFabricuter2x Planklet
Basic SprinklerFabricuter5x Nurny1x Clothlet1x Rainplop
Medium SprinklerFabricuter10x Nurny2x Clothlet1x Rainplop
Good SprinklerFabricuter15x Nurny2x Clothlet1x Rainplop1x Sprockut
Oobcoop Level 1Fabricuter3x Clothlet15x Nurny10x Planklet1x Oobsidian
CrunchsterFabricuter10x Nurny10x Planklet1x Oobsidian
SwooshlerFabricuter10x Nurny10x Planklet1x Oobsidian

Browsing the Mimpkins clubhouse item selection in Ooblets.

Club coins

These are little coins you can find lying around town, but can also be found by completing tasks for the clubs.

You'll need to complete the quests to build each clubhouse to unlock the ability to buy their exclusive items. Most of the items available are one-time effects in dance battles or are accessories that can be equipped to your Ooblets that just change their looks.

However, the items valued at 20 club coins can be used to start dance battles with the club's mascot.

Thank you for reading our Ooblets items guide. Now you have all the item recipes, you can use them to help you with getting the Ooblets on your team. Head to our Ooblets locations guide to learn how to make certain Ooblets appear and a full list of items required to start a dance battle. Otherwise, you can check out our Ooblets guide for more tips and tricks.

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