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Ooblets guide: tips for beginners

Choosing your Ooblet club

Monster collecting games have been very popular for decades, but there have been few examples on PC. I first heard of Ooblets many years ago, but it is now in Early Access on Epic Games Store, complete with dancing plant-like creatures.

But what is Ooblets? How do you farm your creatures, and how do you raise your dance troupe to be the best movers and shakers in all the land?

Our Ooblets guide has all the tips and tricks that beginners need to get started with the game.

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What is included in Ooblet's Early Access?

These are the features that are available in the Early Access version of Ooblets:

  • You are able to grow crops on your farm. These can be sold to shops, converted into ingredients, and submitted to finish quests. I highly recommend looking at our Ooblets item guide to find out more about these items.
  • Build your team of Ooblets by having them participate in dance battles. They can level up and unlock new dance moves.
  • There are currently 40 Ooblets in the game. All of them have a regular form, an unusual form, and a "gleamy" form. Where do you find them you say? Head to our Ooblets locations guide to find out!
  • You can make friends with the townsfolk, who can give you quests and free accessories for you and your Ooblets.
  • Style your character in a bunch of different outfits and accessories that are bought at the clothes shop, or received as friendship rewards from NPCs in town.
  • Join an Ooblet club to get your first little baby Ooblet. There are four clubs and you can construct all their clubs. Each one has tokens you can receive for completing fetch quests, which you can redeem for items.
  • You can build a Dance Hall so you can participate in daily tournaments. These always have a 1v1 battle, a 2v2 battle, and a 3v3 battle. You'll be rewarded wishies (currency you can spend at the wishing well to get new items and upgrades) and Ooblet seeds for completing them.
  • You have the option to expand and decorate your house from a dinky shack to a stately farmhouse.
  • Every day also has some challenges which can be completed for wishies.
  • You have access to the main town, your farm, and one field location.

Progress in the Early Access version of the game is halted after accepting the quest to go to Nullwhere to activate the second radio tower.

Choosing the Peaksnubs club will give you the Ooblet Bittle and have Bazil as your guide.

Choosing your club and starter Ooblet

There are four clubs you can join, each with their own starter that you can pick. Each one of the Ooblets they offer can be found later on and you can access all of the clubhouses by completing side quests, but your choice of club is permanent. All the other three Ooblets can be obtained by unlocking them getting 20 of the rival club's coins, which are found in houses or rewarded to you by doing tasks for that club.

  • Frunbuns: Tud
  • Peaksnubs: Bittle
  • Mimpkins:  Sidekey
  • Mossprouts: Shrumbo

Ooblets tips

Before I end this guide, here are some top tips for new players:

Farming tips

  • You can only have a certain number of Ooblets at any time. If you run out of room, you'll need to build Oobcoops. Don't plant any more Ooblet seeds until you can take them into your roster.
  • You can't release Ooblets in the base version of the game, so don't go crazy in planting too many duplicates. It is in the experimental version, but make sure you keep a backup of the save game.
  • When building Oobcoops, plant some crops in the nine squares surrounding it. It'll cut down the time it takes for plants with longer cultivation periods to bloom. I would also recommend having some sprinkers set up nearby.
  • Weeding can rarely give you seeds which can be planted to give you more crops.
  • The best sources for wood and "nurnies" are the rocks and logs in your farm.
  • Oobsidian can rarely be found by smashing up rocks in your farm, but having a Gleamy Ooblet looking after an Oobcoop will also give you Oobsidian.
  • Have some Clothlets planted at all times, you'll be using a lot of them.
  • Some building projects allow you to turn plants into either powdered or liquid forms, like turning Muz into Muz Flour. They need to be manned by an Ooblet to process them.
  • Buy some item storage as soon as you can. A treasure chest costs 100 gummies, the main currency of the game, and can be placed in your farmhouse.

Dance battle tips

  • Try to have a team with different Ooblets. This gives you a diverse move set for your roster to use in dance battles.
  • You can only have the same number of Ooblets in your team as those present in the enemy team. This will never be more than six Ooblets.
  • You use Beats to power moves per turn. Make sure you plan ahead and choose the right cards in the right order.
  • Build up Hype to increase the number of points your dance moves give you.
  • Use moves that increase just Hype before those that increase Hype and give you points.
  • Use techniques to inflict fluster to reduce the number of points an opponent gets when using dance moves. Fluster negates any Hype an enemy has gained that turn.
  • Any dance move that inflicts stun will stop any multi-turn moves from activating.
  • Don't use dance moves that just steal points if your opponent has no points to steal.
  • If a dance move inflicts fluster and steals points from an opponent, you'll still get the fluster effect if your opponent has no points to steal.
  • The Lumpstump and Clickyclaws you fight at the beginning have incredibly powerful abilities they can learn upon levelling up. Keep them in your party.
  • There is no advantage to having an Unusual or Gleamy version of an Ooblet in your dance battles compared to the regular version.

Tips for exploring the town

  • Complete tasks for the mayor and the daily tasks to get Wishies. Using them at the wishing well will give you more stuff to unlock such as new Ooblets that can appear, or upgrades to structures on your farm.
  • Talk to everyone with a cloud above their head at least once per day. When you increase your friendship level with that NPC, they'll give you items that include new Ooblet seeds or accessories for your Ooblets to wear.
  • Pillage every building at least once per day. You'll get club coins and other useful items by looking in every nook and cranny. This includes both offices in the town hall.
  • Once you've built a dance hall, make sure you participate in a tournament every day. Keep an eye on the stipulation and know what your Ooblet is capable of. For example, while the "Freebie" stipulation is great for Ooblets like Sidekey as it makes all of its powerful abilities free to use, the "Signature moves only" stipulation locks it into stunning the enemy without getting points.
  • Shops have an item sold at discount that changes every day. This includes equipment like the improved watering can in the seed shop.

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