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Ooblets will actually show you where townsfolk are on the map and that is very important

Attack of the map

There are lots of things that look quite promising about Glumberland's cute town sim Ooblets. There's fashion, gardening, dance battles, and house decorating, Here's one more thing to like: a map. More importantly, a map on which you can see the location of the other townsfolk of Badgetown. Don't laugh, I am very serious about how very important this is. Oh also, Glumberland's new developer update has some other details but trust me when I tell you this is a big deal.

You'd think that a map showing the location of all the folks you want to talk to would be a standard part of townlife sim games but alas it is not. I know it's not exactly immersive and wot not—I mean unless you've somehow managed to convince everyone in town to share their cell phone location data with you—but it saves on the frustration of stomping all over looking for that one exact person you need to find.

Stardew Valley players have made a mod for that because trying to keep track of when Sebastian leaves his room is a nightmare. I'm also playing Animal Crossing right now and let me tell you, I am suffering when I need to find Daisy Mae on Sunday mornings. Bravo, Glumberland. Seriously.

There's not much else to report in Glumberland's April update as they say they are "deep into bug fixing mode and preparing for certification." They also share a tiny animation of a mushroom Ooblet—I think it's a Shrumbo?—that "might turn up in a trailer at some point in the near future." Sounds to me like we might be just around the corner from a release date announcement trailer at long last.

You can check out the rest of Glumberland's brief Ooblets development update on their website.

Ooblets is maybe releasing in 2020—or at least this is "the year of oob." Whenever is does finally bloom, you'll find it on the Epic Store.

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