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Ooblets launches in early access this summer

Lovely, just lovely

Even my sea-chilled heart is warmed by the sight of Ooblets, a town life game full of farming, friendship, and training cute critters who have dance battles. Today, after a lengthy stretch of vagueness, developers Glumberland announced that it'll be entering early access this summer. Summer's soon! And I have absolutely no plans for summer. Come have a look in the new trailer below.

It looks a bit Stardew Valley, a bit Animal Crossing, a bit Pokémon, a whole lot lovely. There we are in a little town, running our farm, renovating our home, cooking, collecting things we find laying around, fishing, and making friends with the locals. But some of our crops are the eponymous Ooblets, little creatures to love, train, level up, and put in dance-offs. (Earlier plans were for Pokémon-y fight-fights but it didn't seem right).

I very much like how everyone seems to take any excuse for a little dance.

Ooblets will be in early access on the Epic Games Store. It will also be on Xbox One.

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