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Ooblets launches in early access on July 15th

Creature fever incoming

After spending years in the works, growing tiny little roots as it prepares to break free, Ooblets has an early access release date. Glumberland have announced that the critter-collecting and dance-battling little town sim will launch in early access on July 15th.

If you managed to entirely miss the years of cute dancing gifs and little creatures, Ooblets is a town life simulation game about befriending these odd little monsters with dorky names. "Complete daily challenges, earn badges, help the Mayor save the town from questionable forces, and unlock the secrets of Oob," Glumberland say.

You can grow crops in your garden, dress to impress, and decorate your house. All the things I love to do in games and entirely neglect in real life. All the while, you'll be collecting a team of Oobs and training them to dance battle one another.

So it's Stardew Valley meets Pokemon then, right? Well yes, but Ooblets battle each other with sick footwork. Forcing critters to fight is out, y'hear? Oh, and its map will actually tell you where each townie is, which I find extremely important.

I do love me a good pastoral town adventure, though I already know I'll get overwhelmed by the creatures. I feel much too old to memorize the goofy names of dozens of adorable critters, but for Ooblets I'll try. The only one I remember offhand is Shrumbo, but that's a start dangit. Oh shoot, I've just found the list of Ooblets. Guess I'll get to studying. I mean how dare you make me remember the name "Chickadingding". Seriously.

You can start collecting critter friends yourself when Ooblets hits early access on the Epic Games Store on July 15th for $20.

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