Bunny boxer Overgrowth is out now after 9 years

Welterweight wabbits

I already told you this, but you weren’t listening. Rabbit kung fu game Overgrowth [official site] is out now for all your animal-punching pleasure. It features the following:

  • Rats who stab
  • A drop-kicking rabbit
  • Wolves with no sense of clemency or grace

Come and see what it looks like below, in smashing GIF form.

Developers Wolfire have been slowly beavering away on this physics-based martial arts brawler, taking almost an entire decade to reach the point of release (here’s one of our earliest articles about it, from 2010, demonstrating ragdoll rabbits). Here’s what it looks like now.

I played some of it in early access and thought it was an tough-yet-aimless fight, more of a welterweight wabbit than heavyweight hit. Does that metaphor make sense? I think it does.

Nonetheless, some stuff has been added since then, including a whole story campaign and the capacity for mods. The fighting itself can be a mix of graceful, brutal, speedy and bone-breaking. It can also be very funny. Here’s me leaping thirty feet and booting someone into a fire.

And here’s me trying to pull it off again.

Here I am stabbing a rabbit over and over again while he cannot fight back.

And this is when I kicked a dog in the scrotum until he fell down the stairs.

As you can see, it’s full of dishonour. It still feels, from this small chunk of levels, like an old-fashioned and motiveless hop from one fight to the next. But at least it looks good. You can grab it on Steam or on Humble, its normal price being £22.99 but currently reduced for a sale to about £16.


  1. MrLoque says:

    Oh boy… NINE years have passed. It seems yesterday :-(

  2. Kolbex says:

    Damn, I could have laid siege to Troy in that time.

  3. jellydonut says:

    When they first displayed this the animation seemed like magic.

    Now, 9 years later, it looks oddly stilted instead. The rest of the industry caught up.

    I’ve got a feeling that indie game RESET is going to have the same fate. Looked amazing when it was first announced, ten years later it’s almost looking dated.

    • Lestibournes says:

      The animations are not great, but the main point is the combat mechanic, which is original and really good.

  4. Baltech says:

    OMG that song!

    I’m unsure if I’ll have the dexterity or tanacity to get good at this game but I kinda just wanna own it as part of gaming history.

    Also, for that damn song!

  5. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I feel like this game needs a romantic element to really rein in the demographic it’s obviously aiming for.

  6. Winged Nazgul says:

    Well, TBF, the devs did get sidetracked along the way with creating this little thing called Humble Bundle.

    • Premium User Badge

      Drib says:

      I think you mean IGN’S Humble Bundle.

    • figvam says:

      And they sell it (Humble Bundle) just in time for 1.0 release of Overgrowth.
      Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  7. Farsearcher says:

    I backed this in the mists of yore when Steam Greenlight wasn’t even a twinkle in Gabe Newells eyes when it was only available on their website.

    At the time I saw a lot of potential in it but it never really came to much. It’s a fairly simplistic fighting game with some minor platforming and parkour elements and two fairly short campaigns.

    Perhaps the user made mods and scenarios might do more interesting things with it but for now the base game isn’t very good.

  8. Artist says:

    Overgrowth is so depressingly underwhelming for 9 years of developement. Exactly what I expected. Lots of wasted potential.

    • Shadow says:

      Well, it does look a helluva lot like a “well let’s call it quits” release.

    • Crocobutt says:

      These guys seem like excellent game engine developers, they wrote Overgrowth ground-up from what I understand. Yet, their sense of game design is rather weak.
      Wish the combat wasn’t as haphazard. That maybe you could choose different punches and kicks. From what I recall, you use only one mouse buton to attack and the attacks are played randomly? A kick here, a punch there.

      Love the blood physics they did, the ragdolling, the ridiculous speeds you travel at, and the weapons acting very differently to each other. The parkouring is also kinda fun.

      • Lestibournes says:

        The combat is not random. You hold the attack or defend button to go into attack or defense mode. The actual move you use depends on context. If you are defending and someone hits you you will block. If you are sneaking you will grab and chock. When attacking the move depends on distance from enemy, weapon, and the direction you’re moving. Long distance + moving left will give a right roundhouse kick. Long distance + moving right will give a left roundhouse kick. A short distance will produce a punch.

        • Crocobutt says:

          Maybe they changed it for the better in the 3 years since I last played. I’ll give the game a go; put your tips to test.

          • Lestibournes says:

            They didn’t change much. It just takes a while to get used to how it works because it’s the opposite of any other fighting game I’ve ever played. It’s also way better than any other system I ever tried.

  9. runonce says:

    Got the game like 5 years ago but the controls were too difficult for me. Anyway I always enjoyed watching the devs videos.

    I’m glad it’s finally out!

  10. Petethegoat says:

    I just finished the new campaign, and I have to say it’s not great.

    That said, there’s a huge amount of modding potential and there are probably already mod campaigns that are much better than the official campaign.

    • Lestibournes says:

      The only problems with the campaign are the length, the abrupt ending, and grabbing ledges unnecessarily while enemies are raining attacks against you, which is only really a problem in the 2nd to last fight.

      • kavika says:

        There’s an “auto ledge grab” setting you can turn off, if that helps

        • Lestibournes says:

          I eventually remembered that, but only after finishing the campaign on maximum difficulty.

  11. Cerebulon says:

    Jesus, I remember getting Natural Selection 2 bundled with the preorder for this. I think it was before I had a bloody bank account (I didn’t until I was 17, I was… I’m not sure why.) so I suppose my mum just got a 9 year coming email.

  12. -Spooky- says:

    What was the other one man title, released after nearly twenty years? *uhm*

  13. Lestibournes says:

    The story is decent, the environments are nice, and there are decent stealth and platforming. Where the game really shines is in the amazing, fun, intelligent, challenging, natural-feeling combat.

  14. Lestibournes says:

    On: link to blog.wolfire.com

    We are continuing to work on the game even though we left early access. David has said that Overgrowth would leave early access once the Story mode was complete, and we hit that milestone.

    We are working on bug fixes right now, but we’re also starting to scope out our work on achievements. We plan for them to be fun and rewarding to play through, and add to the game. We also don’t expect our work to end there.

    So this isn’t exactly the “big release” that we are used to with games. It’s more like what happens with open source app development than a big commercial game release.