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A Deeper Dungeon: Dungeon KeeperFX

This I want to try. I want it try it bad. Oh, so bad, baby. Unfortunately I'm currently making zombies wear hats made of spinning drills in Dead Rising 2, but this fan-made fountain of youth for my beloved Dungeon Keeper is very much next on the agenda.

As its creator observes, a lot of game remakes never get off the ground - so instead Polish engineer Tomasz Lis has elected to update what already exists.

Keeper FX's main purpose is simply to get the original DK - which had a whole lot of DOS in its blood - run without pain on modern Windowses.

There's an issue, and that's that, well, this is all you need to play Dungeon Keeper. You don't need the original. KeeperFX is a hybrid of remade files and original code, and as such... well, I worry for it. I worry about drawing attention to it too, but it's cool and you lot like Dungeon Keeper, so it'd be remiss of me not to.

And here's the really good bit: it supports a whole bunch of modern resolutions. You have to tweak the config file to do it, however, like so:

Allows you to select up to five in-game resolutions.
Resolution has the form of WIDTHxHEIGHTxBPP. Standard modes are: 320x200x8, 320x240x8, 512x384x8, 640x400x8, 640x480x8, 800x600x8, 1024x768x8, 1280x1024x8, 1600x1200x8. Different modes (ie.widescreen) may be used too, if only they are supported by your graphics card and video driver. You can switch between those resolutions during the gameplay by pressing Alt+R. Modes over 640x480 are experimental, and not completely stable.

I had a quick look, immediately and arrogantly tried to set the res as high as it would go and got duly met with a black screen, so I advise caution and reading the ReadMe more thoroughly than I did. I'll look at this in earnest next week, though.

Grab it from here. But be quiet about it.

Thanks to Cooper, who kindly told me about this weeks back.

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