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A Halo 2 multiplayer bug is killing your friends with ghost rockets

They're working on a fix

The PC release of Halo 2: Anniversary arrived on Wednesday morning with a revamped look and a nasty new bug. Folks trying its widely-adored multiplayer have found that trying to rockets and grenades fired at enemies will sometimes magically teleport to teammates and blow them up instead. That's bad, that. And then teamkilling protections can kick in and you get kicked from the match and... oh dear. The developers are investigating the problem and did briefly think they had made a fix, but it didn't hold so here we are.

Halo 2 PC multiplayers had been mystified by 'ghost' rockets that travelled clean through enemies and somehow blew up teamies who weren't even close. It's been reported with grenades and other weapons too.

343 Industries have posted a timeline of their investigation into it, and their attempts to fix it. They point to this fella as the first they saw suffering it:

They say that they were working with PC port team Saber Interactive to figure out, reproduce, and ultimately fix the bug, and Saber did yesterday send back a test build with a potential fix. "Unfortunately, the initial fix we were validating did not resolve the issue in Halo 2, so our joint teams will continue investigating a fix," the latest update says. On we go. They're also working on fixes for problems on the Known Issues list.

"Please know that our teams are working as quickly as they can to address issues and areas of feedback," they add. "The reality is that no two issues are the same – some end up being quick and easy fixes while others are far more tangled and complex requiring lengthier testing and more substantial release management dependencies. And of course, all of this comes at a time when our teams and development partners are scattered and working-from-home, without our standard resources and facilities, doing their best to navigate a new development and production reality."

If you want to see more of the weirdness, here's some players investigating the bug themselves. Seems that if two players are looking down at the same time, shots can mystifyingly lock on and hit the other wherever they are? Magic.

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